Bath things to do in Bath

10 Cheap Things to Do in Bath or How to Get the Best Trip for a Couple of Dollars

10 Cheap things to do in Bath UK

I am sure that you are fond of the culture and traditions of Great Britain, because it is of the most elegant and well-mannered countries in the world. But one of its popular aristocratic sites is the less typical English town.

When you come to Bath, you may forget about classical English manners and enjoy the shouting luxury of Rome. This town was founded 6 centuries ago by Romans. They noticed numerous thermal springs and later built baths all over the town. Like Hollywood is the place, where you can meet celebrities just in the streets, in the 15th century the most famous and richest Romans came here to take a warm bath, improve their health and get some rest. Men and women bathed in the warm water together, usually without any clothes and smeared their bodies with aromatic oil. Later they scratched out the oil layer from the bodies and it used to be a souvenir that was sold to commoners.

It is impossible to take a bath at Roman Terms nowadays as it is just a museum, but there are at least 10 things that you can do in Bath for free (or almost for free).

Visit Bath and Do the Following!

  1. Walk around the Royal Crescent.

It is the street, where 30 houses are situated in the form of the moon. All of these houses are built of yellow stone. Long ago accurate Romans could use only this kind of material to build their houses. Nowadays there’s a great choice of construction materials, but the houses still are built of yellow stone. It is a tribute to tradition.

Cheap things to do in Bath Royal Crescent

This small street is not only a picturesque place; it is the historical precious centre, designed in the 18th century by John Wood. To take a walk here and make new great photos for your album is free of charge and very exciting at the same time.

  1. If you were not impressed by the half-moon of Royal Crescent,
    enjoy the sunny Circus

Cheap things to do in Bath the Circus

Everything in Bath reminds us about its founders – Romans – and this place is not exclusion. The form of the Circus resembles Roman Colosseum, especially in the evening, when it is covered a little with twilight. The citizens of Bath are proud of this place, so to visit it is not just the pleasure, it is the necessity. Otherwise you won’t understand the soul of this town.

  1. Have a look at Victoria Park.

Cheap things to do in Bath Royal Victoria Park

If you like to play classical English golf, for sure, you must visit Victoria Park. This sport game won’t ruin your budget, at the same time it will help you to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Golf is not the only thing you can enjoy here. Walk around the park – it is worth seeing as it is as beautiful as a woman, who has given her name to it – Queen Victoria.

By the way, a glorious lady didn’t like to visit Bath. She came here once, being very young and fresh. One of the local journalists wrote about her visit and told, that “a dress of the Queen was not the sample of royal beauty and elegance”. These evil words offended a young woman and she has never visited Bath after that. She even asked to lower the curtains of her carriage, while she was passing by this place.

  1. Go shopping at Pulteney Bridge

Cheap things to do in Bath Pulteney Bridge

Of course, it is not for free, but for sure, you can find some extra dollars in your pocket and get souvenirs from Bath. Later you will look at it and remember about your pleasant trip. I am sure, your friends will be impressed by the fact, that you have bought this souvenir at the bridge, because there are only four bridges in the world, where the shops are situated, and Pulteney Bridge is one of them. It is a miracle that the Bridge is overcrowded with shops, which stay by both sides of it.

  1. Take a walk along the canal and find the love of your life

It is a joke, of course, I know, that you may be happily married or engaged and you don’t need one more romantic affair. At the same time, the legend says, that if you walk along the canal (that falls into the river Avon), you can meet a couple. The same thing many men and women did in the 18th century. The father of young Jane Austen also took his daughter here, nevertheless this story has no happy end – a young lady didn’t find a rich husband and contributed her loving energy to the heroines of her novels. The walk along the canal won’t cost you a penny.

  1. Have a look at the Abbey

Cheap things to do in Bath Abbey, UK

Visiting this famous church is not for free. If you have enough money – I advise you to go inside and enjoy its beauty and grace. If not – just walk around, take smart photos and feel the atmosphere of sanctity – it is one of the most glorious places in England. It’s a pity if you miss it, while you are staying in Bath.

  1. Go to the Holburne Museum.

It will cost you nothing – it is for free. It was the wish of the founder of the museum – Sir William Holburne. This baronet dreamed to devote his life to sea and make naval career. Nevertheless his elder brother has died and he had to return home and care about the house and his three sisters. But the love to adventures lived in the soul of a former sailor, so he travelled around Europe and bought different statues, pictures and other objects of art. Thus he has made a great collection.

Cheap things to do in Bath Holburne Museum

He has never been married and had no children, so he contributed his collection to the City of Bath, where he has spent the most part of his life. Visit Holburne Museum and look at the objects of art, collected by a famous Englishman!

  1. Drink hot thermal water for free

Cheap things to do in Bath drinking mineral water

Visiting Roman Terms is not for free, but it is cheap (about £13). There you can do one more thing absolutely for free – drink hot mineral water from terms. They say, it is very helpful.

  1. Eat hot buns

Cheap things to do in Bath eat bath buns

Are you tired from walks and excursions? Try hot buns! It will cost you a nuisance, and you can’t return home without it. Typical English pastry, sold at Sally Lunn’s. This café is famous all over the world due to the woman, who has founded it. In 1680 a commonplace French woman came to Bath and opened the café here. Her sweet buns became popular among the citizens of the town and its tourists. From that moment tasting a small round bun with a piece of sugar inside became a must have for everyone, who came to this marvelous town.

  1. Watch fireworks or visit any other kind of numerous festivals

Many famous people and shows come to Bath during the whole year. Some of them are extremely expensive, but the others are very cheap or even free. Thus in autumn the fireworks show will take place here and you can admire it without any harm to your budget.

Cheap things to do in Bath fireworks

Bath is a town of adventures and miracles; it is one of the most luxurious cultural centers in the world. Visiting it is not so expensive as you see. But I am sure you will never forget Bath, if you come here at least once. You will be back, it goes without saying!