things to do in Maldon

10 Things to Do in Maldon

MaldonTo help you to make a holiday plan and to spend every minute of your vacation usefully, this is our list of ten things you can do during your stay in Maldon.

Maldon is the small town in the East of England. It is a part of Essex Shire. Its population is about 14, 000 of people, but Maldon Essex has become a popular touristic centre. If you have a week vacation in Maldon, there are hundreds of things you can do here. Seriously, hundreds!

  1. Admire old buildings and new shops on the main street of Maldon
    Maldon shops

Maldon is the historic venue and that’s why it is very interesting to walk around its small streets with huge old buildings. If you have enough time, you can walk around the whole town; otherwise you can study its main street. It is named High Street. There are a lot of historic buildings situated on the street. At the same time there are modern shops in Maldon too. Especially interesting it is to walk along the main street of the town, when some event is held there. Thus you can take part in Christmas Celebrations, Easter parade or folk festival. But even if it is an ordinary weekend, still walking there is always great!

  1. Take a swim in the swimming pool Maldon
    swimming pool, Maldon

Even if you are on vacation, you should keep your body in great shape. That’s why find some time to visit swimming pool in Maldon. It is situated in Blackwater Leisure Centre. Here everyone can find the entertainment to his taste. Thus you can use 25 meter pool to arrange a real workout for yourself. If you are not in fitness mood, just have fun and take Jungle River ride or relax in the new bubble pool area.

If you have a child, don’t hesitate and take him here too as there’s the pool for children in the Centre as well. It is not so deep and the water is warmer here. At Blackwater Leisure Centre enjoyable weekend is guaranteed.

  1. Visit Maldon Museum
    Maldon Museum

Maldon Museum is located in two-storey building just at the entrance of Promenade Park. The building of the museum has historical meaning, it was called Edwardian building. There the park’s keeper used to stay. Maldon Museum has for its clients various exhibitions, devoted to the life of locals. Most of items here were found on the territory of Maldon, some of them were brought from other parts of the country.

The visit to the museum is especially recommended for tourists, as they have an opportunity to know everything about Maldon from the earliest times to the modern days. As Maldon used to be the territory for several battles, military topic is well presented here too!

  1. Spend a day in Maldon Promenade Park
    Maldon Promenade Park

Maldon Promenade Park is one of the main places of interest in the town. People of all age groups will find the activity they like during their day out in the park. Some activities are affordable all year round, while the others are opened just during a certain period of the year. Thus Maldon Water Park (or Splash Park) is opened from March till September only.

But any time of the year there’s a big playing area in the park, where it is possible to play outdoor games with kids, to arrange a picnic or a photosession for yourself and your friends. Children can build castles in the sandpits and adults can play football or tennis as well. If you are the lover of walking in the open air, you can go around the park and study the wildlife or simply enjoy picturesque views. If you get hungry, you can have a meal in one of four refreshment rooms, situated on the territory of Promenade Park.

  1. Take one of boat trips
    boat trips, Maldon

This kind of entertainment is affordable only when the weather is good enough. Tours are arranged regularly all year round, so if it is not raining, you are welcomed to sail around Maldon. All the tours start from Maldon Quay and any of them has its special rout. Of course, the main aim of such tours is to admire great views of Maldon and its suburbs and just to have fun. An average length of a boat tour is an hour, some tours last during two hours. Seated lunch on the board is included to the program of the tour. An average price of a boat trip for one person is £40. Children are welcomed too.

  1. Heybridge Basin
    Heybridge Basin, Maldon

This kind of walk is better to take, when the weather is warm. It is more recommended for adults as walking for long distances can be too hard for children, especially for the smallest ones. Take a long walk and enjoy the views of the boats and then have a great dinner, like a real sailor, in the local pub.

  1. Gain some extra knowledge about war history at Combined Military Services Museum
    Combined Military Services Museum

This museum will be especially interesting to those, who like to study the wars, their history and equipment. Here you will find different kinds of weapons, military uniform of various time eras and the description of battles, held in Maldon and nearby. The special James Bond section is highly recommended to all the visitors. Don’t forget to drop in!

  1. Buy local at Maldon

Shopping is an inseparable part of any vacation. To buy local goods is a must have for any tourists. Maldon is the place, where you should come during your staying in that town. There are various shops, where you can pop in and get unusual souvenirs, fashionable clothes or inexpensive pieces of jewelry. Most of the shops are situated in the main street of the town, but some of them can be found in the narrow suburban streets. Don’t forget to visit Suzie’s shop in the High Street and get a post card or make the one with your own hands!

  1. Visit one of Maldon pubs or restaurants
    pub, Maldon

Eating out is inevitable, when you are on vacation. There are various restaurants and pubs in Maldon, with different levels of prices and various cuisines. There are restaurants with British dishes, as well as Asian ones, Chinese, Italian and Mexican. So choose the venue and enjoy your dinner!

  1. Spend some money for charity
    Taxi Day, Maldon

Maldon is the town, known by its charity. Every year so called “Taxi Day” is arranged here, when disabled children from London are taken to Maldon to have fun. They spend the day in the open air, play games and have a meal. Also charitable Mud Race is arranged annually here. In 2014 more than £50, 000 were gathered in Maldon for charity. So if you have several extra pounds in your pocket and you want to become the part of charitable tradition, you can spend some amount for charity.

Here are the ideas how to spend vacation in Maldon to help you make the best holiday plan and enjoy your rest in that great noble town!