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Best Ilkeston Restaurants

Georges Tradition fish and chips

Although Ilkeston is a small town, here you can have dinner in traditional English restaurants or in restaurants with various kinds of cuisine – European, American, Thai or Indian.

The live issue for any tourist is where to have dinner, delicious and healthy and for a reasonable price. It is good for any tourist to find the restaurant with national flavor, to understand the spirit of the country or at least of the city.

Although Ilkeston is a small town, here you can have dinner in traditional English restaurants or in restaurants with various kinds of cuisine – European, American, Thai or Indian. There are small restaurants for calm lonely evenings and luxurious venues for birthday parties. You can spend a sweet romantic evening with a loved one or to have a drink and have fun with an old friend. Here are top 5 restaurants in Ilkeston to any palate.

  1. Italian Restaurant Ilkeston
    Italian Restaurant Ilkeston

Italian cuisine is popular. Every woman from any country cooks pizza and spaghetti from time to time. But to taste real authentic Italian cuisine, you should come to Italy or … to Ilkeston, where Italian Restaurant is opened.

People, who tried food at this restaurant in Ilkeston, told, it tasted like the meal in Italy. A great variety of dishes is affordable here, so you can be sure, you won’t leave with an empty stomach. Starters, main courses, meat and fish courses, desserts and special Italian bread – you will get it during your dinner here.

The prices for meals are high to some point, but if you come here on Wednesday, you will get special offer – it is possible to order 3 courses for £14.

The menu is changeable, so it is hard to recommend something special, but they say, any course in the menu is tasty here and worth trying. Portions are big enough.

Italian Restaurant Ilkeston

The owner of the restaurant, Nino, is very friendly and always finds an opportunity to get acquainted with his clients.

The restaurant is closed on Sunday-Monday-Tuesday, but still it is possible to book here for private party (not less than for 12 people) or for some business meeting. The restaurant is very cozy. It is well decorated. The visit here is always a great pleasure!

Address of Italian Restaurant: 41-43 Granby St, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8HP, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44(0) 115 930 84 30

Opening Times:


18.00 – 22.00


18.00 – 23.00



  1. Can’t Resist Cakes
    Can't Resist Cakes Ilkeston

It is a sample of family business. The small café looks like the doll house any girls used to play in her teens. Neat small tables extremely clean cuisine and fresh bakery of course – these are the things you will get if you pop in “Can’t Resist Cakes”. This venue is called “the heart of the town” by its regulars, because here you feel so relaxed as if you have visited your granny’s house, which used to cook great homemade cakes for you!

The restaurant is run by Jan, 57 year old baker, and her daughter, Kerryann, 38 year old single mother. Kerryann suffered from depression after her divorce and tried many jobs. Finally she found business she liked – baking various kinds of cakes. Her mother and she spend hours, debating about design of cakes and inventing some new recipes. The result of their hard job is obvious – they have great restaurant that is visited by many tourists regularly.

Great choice of cakes, the best coffee and cuppa, hot and cold drinks, breakfast menu – you can get any item from the menu and you won’t be disappointed. Kerryann is always ready to chat with her clients and help in cake designing (if you try your hand to bake similar cakes at home). She really loves her job and knows her business from top to bottom!
Can't Resist Cakes Ilkeston

Address of Can’t Resist Cakes: 3 Bath Street, Ilkeston DE7 8AH, England

Telephone: + 44(0) 1158373959

Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday

8.00 – 16.00



  1. Emmas Thai
    Emmas Thai Ilkeston

Thai cuisine is served here, so if you are fond of hot spicy dishes, you are welcomed! It is a small restaurant; there are not many covers here, so you should book in advance to be sure, you will be served here.

The restaurant looks attractive inside and outside. Its room is decorated in red and black colors, so it looks very stylish. They cook meal for your order, so you should wait for a while. But the course always arrives hot.

There’s a great choice of dishes in the menu, but most of them are meat dishes. So, if you are a vegetarian, it is better to choose another restaurant.

Emmas Thai Ilkeston

It is a family run business, the atmosphere is warm and cozy here. You can relax and enjoy your dinner. But the dinner will be alcohol free as they are unlicensed just now. But the guests are welcomed to get their own beer and wine here.

The staff is polite and not intrusive, at the same time the waiters are very knowledgeable. If you need any advice, you are welcomed to ask. The prices are low, that’s why you can get great dinner here and save some cash. By the way, they don’t accept credit cards!
Emmas Thai Ilkeston

Address of Emmas Thai: Pelham Street, Ilkeston DE7 8AR, England

Telephone:  +44(0) 7957 818110

Opening Times:

Thursday – Saturday

18.00 – 22.00



  1. Shah Jahan Restaurant
    Shah Jahan Restaurant Ilkeston

Indian cuisine is affordable anywhere, but this restaurant is special. Everyone, who comes here, leaves with a full stomach, smiling from ear to ear. The restaurant is old fashioned to some extent, but there’s a special charm in its elegant ambience and really tasty courses.

They offer starters (most of clients prefer to miss it at the portions are so big, that you won’t try the main course or deserts), meat meals, seafood, a lot of vegetables and rice. The prices are low here, that’s why locals choose this restaurant for their work parties and birthday parties more often than others.

The ambience is joyful here; the music is quite loud, so pop in if you are in mood to have fun.

Address of Shah Jahan Restaurant: 1 Awsworth Rd, Ilkeston DE7 8JD, England

Telephone: +44(0) 1159 323036

Opening Times:


Noon – 14.30 and 17.30 – 22.30

  1. Georges Tradition fish and chips
    Georges Tradition fish and chips

This venue is the place, where you can have tasty dinner for a miserable price. It is not the place, where you can arrange birthday party or to eat in a calm and luxurious atmosphere.

But the choice of dishes is wide – you can get here pies, fries, hot chicken, salads. The cuisine is not delicious, but good enough.

The staff is friendly here, they will serve you fast, and they are helpful too. The dishes are hot and extremely tasty. Help yourself!

Georges Tradition fish and chips

Address of Georges Tradition fish and chips: 184 Bath Street, Ilkeston, England

Telephone: +44(0) 1159301515

Opening Times:


Noon – 21.00


11.30 – 22.00