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Brighton Food Festival – What to Eat and Whom to Meet

Brighton Food FestivalMany tourists come here in spring and in autumn – Food Festival takes place during 10 days in both of these seasons – to watch the greatest event in food industry.

There are so many chic restaurants, elegant cafes and attractive pubs in Brighton, where you can have dinner – at a new venue every evening during a year and no one of them will be visited twice! No wonder, that Brighton Food Festival is the most popular of this kind in the south of UK – great interest to food business is peculiar for every inhabitant of this town!

Many tourists come here in spring and in autumn – Food Festival takes place during 10 days in both of these seasons – to watch the greatest event in food industry. The festival became so prominent that is was rated by New York Post in 2012.

Food Festival – What to Eat?

The tickets for festival cost about £10.00, but there are days when all the events at the festival are free. Thus, it is usually held on Easter Day and then you can enjoy master classes and shows for free.

Festival is the entertainment for guests and the opportunity for cafes and restaurants to introduce themselves at the food market. Many local restaurants use this chance and show their hospitality. This festival is a good platform for advertising, so the guests can taste delicious food from the most famous restaurants in Brighton like “The Coal Shred”, “The Chilli Pickle”, “Terre a Terre” and many others.

Brighton Food Festival

You are able not just to eat some great food from chefs of these restaurants, but also to try cooking some of dishes at home. Andrew McKenzie (the chef of “Drakes”), Ollie Couillaud (the chef of “Sam’s of Brighton”) and other cooks of all levels prepare food just in the fresh air, make their favorite recipes, tell about the secrets of their signature dishes and encourage the visitors to make these courses at home too!

If you are a fan of the bakery, you can eat a couple of hot buns for free at this festival. If it is not enough for you and you beg for the recipe – visit The Cake & Bake Theatre, where the best bakers give you their tips how to prepare excellent cakes!

So, it is easy to eat a lot of tasty dishes for free here and meet famous people in food industry.

Brighton Foodies Festival

Food Festival – Whom to Meet?

If you are interested in cooking and watch some shows on the topic, for sure, you know famous TV-Chefs like Ping Coombes (the winner of “Masterchef”), Stacie Stewart (TV Chef and Author), Britt Whyatt (the author of the book “She Who Bakes”) and many other well-known people in food business.

Ping Coombes

Ping Coombes

The chefs of Brighton popular restaurants are always invited for this event. They not just show mater classes, they are also rated by the owners of the festival according to their achievements all the year around. Thus in spring, 2015 there were such winners:

  1. Alun Sperring (the chef of “The Chilli Pickle”)
  2. Josh Stanzl (the chef of “Etch”)
  3.  Rob Silverstone (the chef of “Mule in Brighton”)

Many other talented chefs of different restaurants were praised at this festival too, but not only chefs. The cafes and restaurants are also rated. Thus, the best burger is chosen here too – this year it was “Burger Brothers”; the best family dining venue was “Terre a Terre”; the best food shop was “Taj”. It is very prestigious to get such an award at the festival, so the employees of every café pub or food shop do their best during the year to show themselves worthy at the festival.

So, you can meet a lot of famous cooks at this festival and learn their secrets, but if you get tired from culinary theatres and mater classes, you can go to some gastronomic tour – they are also arranged during the festival.


There are several kinds of gastronomic tours that are arranged for the guests of festivals. Thus three kinds of tours are affordable – Sussex Wine Tour, Sussex Gourmet Tour and Sussex Beer an’ Cider Tour (the last one is new; it has appeared for the first time in the schedule).

The tickets for the tours cost about £75 per person. This kind of entertainment is affordable only for guests over 18. The trip lasts from 9am till 6 pm.

The trip is interesting, informative and comfortable. You will stay in a huge red vintage Routemaster, watch out of its window and listen to the guide, who will tell you about the most popular vineyards and breweries in Sussex and Brighton. You will have an opportunity to visit some of them and taste delicious wine or beer. You will learn what cafes, and restaurants, and local shops are the best here and have three gourmet stops during the tour. You will have great English breakfast or pub lunch at some of the cafes that are included in the tour.

For lovers of cooking and for gourmets the trip will be not just jolly and fun, it will be very useful and interesting.
children Brighton Food Festival

Kids at Food Festival

Whatever we do – we always think about our children. Cuisine for children is an important topic for any mum – as we know, how hard it is to make our kids eating enough, especially if the dishes are rather healthy than tasty. Food festival includes children in its program too. So take your child with you – to learn, how the food for children is cooked, what the main difference is between children and adult meals and – who knows, maybe your son or daughter will make some dish at home after attending the shows of festival!
children Brighton Food Festival

Little foodies can attend Childrens Cookery Theatre and try to make small sandwiches, some fresh and very useful veg salads and some fruit jelly for their moms. If your kid is new to cooking – don’t worry! He or she will be comfortable enough as Kiddy Cook – really funny and knowledgeable person – will assist the child and tell some of his best kept secrets about cooking.

As you have noticed, everyone can find some interesting show or activity, that is arranged during the festival and take part in it. Visiting Food Festival in Brighton is the dream of many tourists, as any of us is gourmet to some extent. For the owners of cafes and restaurants it is a great opportunity to introduce themselves at the food market. So, you will be busy from morning till night, visiting theatres, master classes and food live shows.

children Brighton Food Festival1

If you feel too tired, you can just sit on the green glade and have a full glass of refreshing cold mojito. Enjoy the festival and don’t get upset if you have missed something as it is held almost every season, so soon you will make up leeway!
 Brighton Food Festival1

 Address of Brighton Food Festival:
Hove Lawns
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 0844 995 1111

Brighton Food Festival opening times:
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 11am – 7pm

Brighton Food Festival  tickets prices:
1-day adult ticket £13.00 (£11.00 concession)
3-day adult ticket £20.00 (£16.00 concession)
1-day adult 6 for the price of 5 tickets £65.00
1-day VIP ticket £38.00