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Brighton sand sculpture festival – the best works!

 Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

Every year 20 tons of sand are prepared for sand artists. They are the most talented in the area. Sand artists come to the festival from different countries to create their sand masterpieces. The best works are picked here!

When did the first sand sculpture in the world appear? There is a hypothesis that the ancient Egyptians made copies of their pyramids of sand. Sand sculptures are very beautiful and look extremely natural, although they are short-lived, because the basic building ingredients are sand and water. Every year sand sculpture festival is held in Brighton. Unfortunately, the date of the festival in 2015 is not defined yet. But the team promises to be back in the nearest future, so we have some timeout and can simply remember the best works of 2013 and 2014.

The Best Works of Previous Years

Every year 20 tons of sand are prepared for sand artists. They are the most talented in the area. Sand artists come to the festival from different countries to create their sand masterpieces that will have very short life. Radovan Zivny from Czech Republic, Benjamin Probanza from Mexico, Laura Scavuzzo from Italy and other world class international sand artists come to Brighton annually to create sculptures from the sand.

Every year some topic of the festival is chosen. Thus, in 2013 the main theme of the festival was music. Very soon the guests of the festival could admire different famous musicians and musical bands, made of sand.

They got a chance to take a quick photo of Amy Winehouse, enjoying her small break from work or admire legendary ABBA just as they looked in most of their clips, Led Zeppelin, preparing to go on stage, and many other people, who widened the boards of music industry.

Amy Winehouse.Brighton sand sculpture festival

Amy Winehouse

Abba.Brighton sand sculpture festival


Beatles.Brighton sand sculpture festival


In 2014 the theme of the festival used to be “Around the World … in Sand!” Ancient Rome, the main places of interest in USA, elegant monuments from France – all this was mixed and taken to Brighton Beach for a season. Visitors of the festival took their trips to different parts of the world. Thus, you may stay near Eifel Tower in France and then appear at Statue of Liberty in USA. And don’t forget to take photos because sand sculptures are very fragile. It is very hard to protect them from whims of nature and one great rain may completely ruin this beauty.

It is very interesting to watch the sculptures that have been already made. But it is much more interesting to follow the process of its appearing. The sculptor has a scratch and a huge pile of sand nearby. And gradually the masterpiece is born just in front of your eyes in careful and talented hands of the master. It may be the face of a pop star, fancy animal or reproductions of famous paintings, but made of sand.

The sculptures, that were already finished, are kept by the administration of the festival carefully. It is very hard to protect a fragile sculpture from destroy. Visitors of the festival try to touch their favorite artists or animals – and it is quite dangerous for the sand sculptures. But sand masterpieces will be destroyed in any case – at the end of the festival – and tons of sand will wait till the next spring, when the festival starts its work again.

Brighton sand sculpture festival
Brighton sand sculpture festival
Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival


If you plan your trip to Brighton, when the sand sculpture festival is held there, put this point in your “to do list”. The tickets are not expensive – just £ 4.50 for adults and £ 3 for children. Family tickets (for two adults and two children) are £12.

Tel: +44 (0)7920 795155
Address: Madeira Drive
East Sussex

One more bonus is for the lovers of sand festival in particular and of Brighton in general. If you get the tickets at Volks Railway Aquarium Station, you can have a free trip on the train to Black Rock Station (one-way trip).

You can come here daily and admire the sand sculptures – every day new sculptures of sand appear! The festival opens its door to guests at 10 am. Last admission is at 5.30 and if you come at this time, you will have only 30 minutes to walk around and watch the sculptures as the park is closed at 6.00 pm.

Solo guests and families visit this event with great pleasure. The administration of the festival offers their assistance to corporative teams too.

Corporative Events at Festival

What is the best way to make the team in your office friendly and able to solve problematic tasks together? The administration of sand sculpture festival offers their idea – take all the employees in your office to the beach and let them make sculptures of the sand! For sure, your colleagues will like to spend their free time, making huge buildings and figures from the sand, and even if they are not so talented in this area, they will fond of this activity and get know each other much better in an informal ambience of the beach.

This service is offered to new corporate teams firstly. Thus new-born colleagues will have an opportunity to solve their first team task – to create a sand castle, for example. Who knows, maybe this precious experience will be on purpose for them in their office work?

In any case, it is a great relax and pleasure to spend some time with your colleagues and take part in such a jolly activity.

Yes, sand sculptures are very interesting for adults, but children really got crazy of them!
Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

Children at Festival

Children are the dearest guests at sand sculpture festival, but they are really happy, when they get an opportunity to take part in it.

Competitions for children are held there regularly. Little artists are offered to create their own sculptures from the sand – a castle, as usual, because it is funny and easy for young sculptors. To make their first masterpiece is really interesting for every kid, mothers and fathers are also encouraged to take part – so you will get great family weekend, even if you don’t win the first prize. But if you do – and get the first, the second or the third prize in the competition, it is a good idea to take your child to the art school, as he or she may appear the future famous world class sand artist.
Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival


It is great, if your son or daughter has a birthday on the day, when the festival is held, because you can arrange the birthday party just here! For sure, it is a very original idea to spend some time with your friends at the beach, to create unique sand sculptures, to taste your birthday cake with artists of the festival and learn their professional secrets and tricks.

Later you will get excellent photos and will remember this interesting birthday party till the next year!

Sand sculpture festival is an interesting cultural event in Brighton, and it is a good idea to visit it for both, use and pleasure!