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Camelford Places to Eat – Choose the Restaurant and Enjoy your Dinner!

Coach House Pub and Restaurant

For tourists in Camelford here is out top list!

If you don’t know what to do, stop for a while and have dinner – and soon you will be ready enough to solve this problem. If you are on vacation, you should learn the list of the best places to eat in advance. Thus you can be sure that you will get the tastiest dishes and not overpay for them!

For tourists in Camelford here is out top list!

  1. Hilltop Farm Shop
    Hilltop Farm Shop

You can miss the small building of the restaurant as it is quite unnoticeable. But if you are hungry and need some fresh cooked food and besides you want to stay several minutes in silence, far from the bustle of the city, you have to visit this place.

In fact, it is a family business. At first it used to be a farm and fresh vegetables and meat were produced there and sold at the local markets. Later the owners of the farm decided to sell their products directly to the customers. They opened a small farm shop, where their clients could get the freshest organic food.

Later the café and the restaurant, based on this farm were opened. The main idea of the owners of the farm is to prepare the food of the best quality and sell it for fair prices. Nowadays the shop and the restaurant have a wide circle of regular clients who value the highest quality of products, the tastiest food and the coziest ambience of the restaurant.  

Sweet pies, extremely hot coffee and fresh eggs with bacon for breakfast – what else can be better before the long and hard working day? Hilltop Farm Shop is the favorite place of local and visiting clients.
Hilltop Farm Shop

Hilltop Farm Shop Address:  Slaughter Bridge, Camelford PL32 9TT, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1840 211518

Hilltop Farm Shop opening times:
Open all year 7 days a week
Summer Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 18:00
Winter Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 17:00
Sundays: 10:00 – 16:00


  1. Peckish Fish and Chips
    Peckish Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is the dish that is liked by everyone – children, their parents and even their grandparents. May be it is the main reason of popularity of this restaurant in Camelford or may be the reason is in great taste of the dish, which is achieved due to the skillful work of the chefs. The fish is fresh and crispy. It is served on the big plate with a slice of lemon – so mouthwatering! The chips are hot and taste so well, that you can eat the whole portion in one minute. By the way, be cautious! The portions are really great here, so take “mini” size as it is just the normal size of the portion that you take for dinner at home.
Peckish Fish and Chips

Although fish and chips is the most popular dish (as it can be noticed from the name), other kinds of takeaway food, like burgers, pies or salads are affordable here and they are delicious too!

The staff is polite and enthusiastic here, so this place is good enough to have dinner in a company of your friends or children. Pay attention, that the restaurant is opened only from Tuesday to Saturday! It works till 9 pm, so come in time and enjoy great food!
Peckish Fish and Chips

Peckish Fish and Chips Address: 8 Victoria Rd, Camelford PL32 9TH,  United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1840 213587

  1. Masons Arms
    Mason Arms

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Camelford. Since the 18th century the brewery called “Mason Arms” made its clients content with the ale and beer of the highest quality. Nowadays it is a big restaurant, noble and attractive to all members of the family, starting from small children and finishing with clients of senior age.

The menu of the restaurant consists of various really tasty and useful courses. Thus, you should try seafood or homemade specials – they will make you satisfied. If you have an idea to eat some desert – greatest and softest pies will be served for you.

For people with dietary needs gluten free dishes are cooked by attentive and careful chefs. The personnel are fast and polite. They may prepare the table inside for you – or outside, if the weather is fine enough. It is possible to take your dog to this restaurant too – as well behaved pets are welcomed here!

Children will find a lot of tasty dishes in the menu. You will be pleased, looking, how your favorite child eats the full sized portion and asks to repeat it!

Some special events in your life like birthday party or wedding party can be held here. The only drawback of this pub is the lack of free space, so book in advance, if you want to get here for sure!

Mason Arms

Mason Arms Address:  Market Place, Market Pl, Camelford PL32 9PB,  United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1840 213309

Mason Arms opening times: Meals are served from 12:oo – 14:30 and 18:00 – 21:00 7 days a week.

  1. Bonny Sue’s Diner
    Bonny Sue’s Dinne

You can simply lick your plate after having dinner here – and it is not because of your bad manners. Food is extremely tasty – as its owner, Sue, – is really a fairy of the kitchen. The woman used to be in a restaurant business since her youngest years. In 2011 she felt mature enough to start her own business. The restaurant of sweet Sue became popular very soon. She did it due to her own talent and due to help of her children and the best friend, Bobby Jordan. Sue had been working in his restaurant for many years before she managed to open her own one.

Homemade pies, lots of strong tea, toasts, mashed potatoes and crispy chicken – everything looks so good and tastes so delicious, that people come here again and again to enjoy the food and calm atmosphere.

Good selection of food, low prices and very polite staff attract hundreds of visitors every day here, so you have to come early to occupy the table in this restaurant. It works from 9 am till 2 am from Monday to Friday.
Bonny Sue’s Dinne

Bonny Sue’s Dinner Address:  14 Market Pl, Camelford, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1840 214720

Bonny Sue’s Dinner opening times: from 8:00 full English breakfast through to 17:30 for tea and one of Sue’s famous Muffins

  1. Coach House Pub and Restaurant
    Coach House Pub and Restaurant

This pub and restaurant looks mysterious, as it is situated in a big grey building and looks just like an English pub of the 18th century. The doors are opened all the year round here and the visitors have an opportunity to taste well cooked seasonal food.

The menu of the restaurant is quite simple here, but the dishes are really tasty! You can try ordinary pub food or come on Sunday and have something special. World famous dishes are served on this day here, so you can try sample dishes from American, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish cuisine.

If you have a mood to drink something alcoholic – the great selection of wines can be offered to you. And for sure, take a glass of real English ale – you won’t be disappointed.

The place is highly rated by its visitors. The only drawback that is noticed – it is too loud music, which makes you struggle to talk to your friend or couple, who shares this dinner with you.
Coach House Pub and Restaurant

Coach House Pub and Restaurant Address:  Juliots Wells Holiday Park, Camelford PL32 9RF, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1840 213379


So, here are the most popular and the coziest pubs and restaurants in Camelford. In general the places to eat are inexpensive and really attractive there. The atmosphere of every venue is unique; nevertheless it is good enough and calm.

Enjoy your vacation at Camelford and don’t forget to eat here!