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Flavour Fest in Plymouth – A Chance to Sip, Taste, Nibble and Sample!

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Food culture is very important in Great Britain and that’s why many food festivals are taken there in different cities and towns. Flavour Fest n Plymouth is one of these “foodie” events, that is held in August annually and is visited by more than 100,000 tourists.

The True Taste of the South West

Flavour Fest in Plymouth is the opportunity to any tourist to try the real taste of the South West. Every year this festival opens its doors to food lovers from different parts of the world. They have a chance to taste – as well as to sip, to nibble and to sample various kinds of food and drinks, prepared by talented chefs – famous ones and those, who are just going to become famous.

The fest is arranged at Plazza and Armada Way. More than 120 stalls are fixed there. The representatives of different shops and restaurants of Plymouth offer their specialties in these stalls.
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Most of food, served at the Fest is cooked in an English style. Here you can find real strong English tea and scones, delicious English ale or beer. At the same time, many sample dishes of world cuisine can be found at this – so English – festival too. Thus many tourists get mad after a big plate of paella – the sample of Mexican cuisine or after a big portion of balti and chicken tikka masala from an Indian restaurant!

The prices are so low and the food dealers are so friendly, that for sure, everyone will come home with a full stomach and with a full heart. This fest is an opportunity for local cafes, shops and restaurants to promote themselves and to find new clients and admirers, that’s why they are so ready to present the best dishes from their menus.Flavour Fest in Plymouth

But food and drinks are not the only things that you will see and taste here. Various kinds of street entertainments will make you laugh and think. What can be more pleasant, than enjoying of spiritual and physical food simultaneously? Cookery Theater is one more reason to visit Flavour Fest in Plymouth.

The fest usually lasts 3 days in late summer. The amount of chefs and visitors increases from year to year. If you plan your visit in Plymouth at the time, when fest is held there, you should expect to drink, taste and see the following.


Are you more than 21? So, you have a chance to taste plenty of alcoholic drinks that are presented during the festival. The main purpose of the event is to reduce the consumption of low-quality drinks. Only the best beer, ale, wine gin and cider are present here.Plymouth Flavour Fest2

It is a great opportunity to the lovers of strong drinks of the highest quality not only to taste new trademarks, but also to talk to alcohol drinks producers, ask all interesting questions and learn a lot of their professional secrets. A lot of useful information about alcohol drinking will be interesting to know for beginners and for connoisseurs.  It is a unique opportunity to know the professional opinion about different kinds of drinks and to share yours – so don’t miss this festival.

If you are lost among the great variety of alcoholic drinks and don’t know, what to choose, try Crispy Pig Ale or Devon Mist – they are liked by most of tourists.

Famous Plymouth cafes and shops have brought their drinks here – “Stanford Orchards”, “Direct Beers” and many other breweries and pubs will try to please you during three days of the festival.

In fact, not only alcoholic drinks can be bought there. For lovers of real English tea and strong coffee, there are also plenty of samples. Feel the aroma of coffee and fresh pastry and relax for a while – that’s why you have come here, haven’t you? Oh, and food, of course!
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To say that “many kinds of food are sold here” is to say nothing! Everything sweet, bitter, sour, salted and spicy can be found here.

If you want to try some meat dishes, you have to stay in a queue before you get it! Pork, curried goat or soft chicken – everything looks so fresh and mouthwatering. The dishes are cooked by chefs of local cafes and restaurants here. Some of them are prepared by celebrity chefs that take part in different culinary shows on TV. Sweet potato dishes, pasta, pies and salads – you can spend the whole day here, eating from morning till night.Plymouth Flavour Fest6

For the lovers of homemade dishes, real farmhouse cheese is sold just there for a really low price. You have never seen such a great quantity of cheese from Worthy Cheddar, Cornish Cheese Co and other famous trademarks.

If you want to try some pies or scones, it is better to hurry up, because they are eaten so speedily! The quality of pastry is undoubtful; they smell so nice, that you will take several on top to have one more snack at home!

If you want to know the secret ingredients of delicious dishes, served and sold there, you should ask the chefs, which are also present here! I don’t know, if they are ready to tell the recipes, but for sure, they will provide the visitors with many different useful tips.


Chefs are different. Of course, you will notice celebrities here. Rene Redzepi and Ferran Adria have come here to share the secrets of their job, plenty of TV cooks from different shows and chefs of local cafes and restaurants – all of them will cook for you, present their specialties and give autographs, of course!Plymouth Flavour Fest

Chef with Michelin stars from “Boat House Café”, “Rock Salt Café” and others will cook unique dishes. Within three days of the festival, guests can visit a large number of presentations, workshops and tastings from Michelined cooks!

Cookery Theatre

Eating and drinking is a great thing, but it is not enough for any person to feel happy. Cookery Theatre is an interesting show that attracts visitors here every year. Famous chefs and local cooks cooperate for three days of festival and show presentations and demonstration to the visitors of the event. Here you will not just taste their dishes, but learn how to prepare them by yourself!Plymouth Flavour Fest1

In fact, Flavour Fest in Plytmouth is a great event, that can be visited by a whole family, a loving couple or alone, and a lot of positive emotions, new interesting meetings and great dinner of course are guaranteed to anyone, who will come here! So, take a car, a bus or a train and go to Plymouth! Chefs will cook especially for you!