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Glastonbury Festival – Food

Glastonbury Festival - FoodThe Best Places to Eat at Glastonbury Festival Food

When you are going to visit Glastonbury Festival, you need to care about various things. You should buy the tickets in advance, clean your car and get a tent. But the only one thing you shouldn’t care about is food.

Although Glastonbury Festival is devoted to music and theatrical art, there are so many food stalls here, that it seems, that unannounced festival of streetfood takes place here too!

The Best Places to Eat at Glastonbury Festival Food:

1. Anna-Maes – mac and cheese
Anna Mae's street food

If you are ready to cope with a long queue in order to get your dish – you’re welcome to Anna-Maes. This queen of street food had published a book with culinary recipes, so you can try to cook her culinary masterpieces at home. Get here macs with different toppings, various sauces to them and crispy vegetables. If you are in mood, get some dessert and don’t forget a cool drink as it is very hot outside! For lovers of something special, get Don Macaroni with bacon pesto. The average price of the dish is £5-7.
Anna Mae's street food

2. Pieminister – pies

Do you like pies? Of course, you do, because pies are different. Fish pies, meat pies, vegetarian pies, sweet pies, chocolate pies, crispy pies, soft pies… Pieminister offers all possible kinds of pies to their customers. It is the sample of family business. They came from Bristol and brought their pies to the festival. Especially for the participants of the festival they have prepared two new kinds of pies. Are you ready to try them?

3. Voodoo Rays – pizza
Voodoo Rays – pizza

Pizza is an obvious choice, as there’s no person in the world, who doesn’t like this dish. Voodoo Rays are the guests from London. They came to the festival with a huge 22-inch American style pizza. Don’t be afraid – they sell it by slices, so you can try this masterpiece and not to spend too much money for it! It is possible to get several slices of different pizzas with various toppings if you are interested to try as many dishes as you can!
Voodoo Rays – pizza

4. Shepherd’s – ice cream
Shepherd's - ice cream

Yummy! What is the best dish in summer? Ice cream occupies the first place in the top list. Shepherd’s ice-cream is made in style of Italian gelato. It is the sample of healthy food indeed, because it is handmade and its basic ingredient is sheep milk. Natural sheep milk – it sounds luxurious, isn’t it? Sixteen possible variants of toppings will make you hesitate as it is not an easy choice! And you will be back – just accept it as a fact!
Shepherd's - ice cream

Cheap Places to Eat

When we attend some festival or any other public event, we have many opportunities to spend our pennies – souvenirs, disks of favorite bands and tickets to various shows… So sometimes we have to save money, when we buy food. We tried to find out the cheapest places to eat at Glastonbury festival. But before you will read the list, just keep in mind, that “cheap” and “reasonable” is not always the same. For examples, there are stalls that offer breakfast for £6 per potion – but the amount of dishes included in this meal will be enough for both, you and your friend, to make your stomachs full. Nevertheless, here are the stalls with democratic prices.

5. Manic Organic – vegetarian cuisine
Manic Organic

It is the best place for vegans and for money savers. Manic Organic is the regular guests of the festival. They offer vegetarian menu for reasonable prices – that’s why it is the favorite stall of many visitors of Glastonbury festival. The dishes are tasty here – it goes without saying. Every item in the menu is worth trying and even if you are not the lover of veggie dishes, you can give Manic Organic a chance to convince you that meat-free dishes can also be very tasty!

6. The Brothers Cider Stall – drinks
The Brothers Cider Stall

When you get hot, there’s no chance to stay without cool drinks. Visit The Brothers Cider Stall – they sell “Scrumpy Jack”! It is the old chap, who can save you and your company from heat and drought. Cider-shipping is one of the most important activities in summer, so come here and get your drink! If you are not the lover of cider, other kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are present in the menu. The prices are low – there’s the good news!

7. Joho Soho by Cinnamon Kitchen – Indian cuisine
Joho Soho by Cinnamon Kitchen

The prices start from £3 per portion. If you think, that there’s no great dinner without meat dish, try to find Joho Soho by Cinnamon Kitchen at the festival. Extremely tasty hot beef curry, chicken taka masala or roasted pork – it is a kind of paradise for meat lovers. They are located in London, but they have sent their food stall here for those, who like Indian cuisine or simply want to have great nourishing dinner and pay not much for it!

8. Risotto2Go – gluten free dishes

Money savers, you are welcomed here! The prices start from £5 but the portions are big enough. Gluten-free risotto is the king in the menu – it is indispensable for people with dietary needs and recommended to all the others! Chicken and peas, mushrooms under creamy sauce, gluten free pasta – the menu is quite extensive and tastes good! It is a good idea to order dinner here and save some extra pennies for the night out or for the post cards with the views of Glastonbury!

Five O’clock
It doesn’t mean, if you are an Englishman or not, if you have come to Glastonbury, traditional five o’clock is a must have for you! But for coffee lovers, it is possible to change tea for a cup of strong coffee-based drink!

9. Tiny Tea Tent – tea and cake
Tiny Tea Tent

It is the regular guest of the festival. They sell tea – more than 20 kinds of it, so if you need a break between two acts of the concert or performance, discuss the events at the festival or simply to strengthen and energize your body, visit Tiny Tea Tent! And don’t forget to get the piece of cake on top!

10. The Coffee Camper – coffee and cake
The Coffee Camper

Dear coffee lovers, The Coffee Camper works for you! If you can’t live without coffee or just want to get your head together after drinking too much beer or cider, come here and get a cup of extremely tasty freshly roasted coffee. The smell of coffee and pastry will make you mad! Just take a pause and have a cup of coffee or cappuccino with a homemade cake – and you will be ready for new adventures!

Annual Green Trader Gold Award

There are so many food stalls that work here, at Glastonbury Festival. They try their best to feed people with extremely tasty food, to prepare dishes, suitable for different tastes and dietary needs. It seemed unfair for the administration of the festival to leave all those food traders without some prize or compliment. Organizers of the event together with the representatives of Greenpeace established annual Green Trader Gold Award for those, who cook the best organic healthy food at the festival. “Veggies” were the last one, who was awarded at Glastonbury Festival. Who knows who will be the next winner?

As you see, there are plenty opportunities to have a good meal at Glastonbury festival and not to leave your wallet too dented! Even if you must keep to a diet or you should refuse from some food ingredients because of allergy or other health problems, still you can find the dishes at this festival that will suit you. It is possible to enjoy this great event in Glastonbury and don’t care about food. So come here in summer and let’s party a little!