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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival June is the ideal time for trips, so if you want to relax, to hear new awesome musical trends and to see creative arts, try to visit Glastonbury Festival.

The festival takes place 6 miles from Glastonbury (Somerset). It is the largest art festival in Europe. The main idea of this event is to present all possible kinds of art just within three-five days of the festival. The event is held in the open air, on the green grass. There are various tents that you can visit. Every tent is devoted to some special kind of art.

Glastonbury Festival

The first Glastonbury Festival took place in 1914. It was organized by the composer Rutland Boughton. It looked like a summer school, when everyone, interested in music, could attend the meetings and hear some new songs and performances. The summer school of Rutland Boughton was on till 1926. It was sponsored by a rich family. Later the organizers were lack of money and stopped their meetings.

In 1970 the event was renewed and it had nothing in common with the summer school of Rutland Boughton. The festival started under great influence of hippie ethics and that’s why it was the greenland event. The lack of comfort and free spirit of the festival was its main idea and till now it remains so natural and free. If you visit this festival, you will be surprised by different kinds of actions you can see here, starting from concerts of famous rock bands and ending with tomato battles. Everything happens outdoors – that is the main idea that has remained unchanged during many years already.

The History of the Glastonbury Festival

What’s on?

So, what can you see if you find some free days in June and come here? You will see huge fenced territory with big gates that are opened in the morning. You can pass by the gates, show your ticket and then wander along the paths.

There are huge tents that you can visit. In every tent some show or performance is on. Thus you can go to the circus tent, comedy tent, live music tent or cabaret tent. All possible kinds of music and theatrical art are presented within several days of the festival.

This event is very popular; almost 175,000 of tourists from Great Britain and other countries come here to take part in the greatest cultural event. The organizer of the festival, its “father” and its soul is Michael Eavis. Since 1980 and till now he tries to make his best and organize the event of the highest grade.
Glastonbury Festival - Michael-Eavis

Besides the festival is organized by two companies. They are Festival Republic and Glastonbury Festivals LTD. The first one is responsible for security and traffic and the second one is responsible for art activities. It is necessary to mention, that both companies don’t make much profit from this event, most part of money is supposed for charity.

The festival is on every year, but every fifth year is fallow. It means that the team of the festival has some rest; they create new ideas and try to renew the festival. During this year the festival is not on, but then it returns with some new trends and inventions.

Every year new teams and bands participate in the festival. Of course, it is possible to see some famous bands too. Thus in 2015 people admired the concerts of such performers as The Who, Motorhead, Patti Smith, the Libertines and many others. Famous bands play at Pyramid stage – the main stage of the festival.
Glastonbury Festival

So, if you are interested in the event, if you like music and theatrical art, you are welcomed here in summer 2016.

Tickets and Accommodation

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival in 2016 will be affordable since October, 2016 at the official site of the event. To get them you should be over 13 and you should have the deposit card. Before getting the tickets it is necessary to register and add your photo of the same kind you use for passport or driving license.

In 2011 the tickets for the event were bought within 4 hours after they had appeared in sale. So, hurry up, if you plan your visit to the festival in summer 2016!
Glastonbury Festival

Children under 12 can come for free just after the gates of the festival will have been opened. For all the others prices are different, they depend in your age and on the quantity of days you are going to be present here. Thus, the full package for 5 days will be a bit pricier than the ticket for one day. They prices can be changed, so it is better to find them out in October at the official site of the event.
Glastonbury Festival

As for accommodation, not many options are affordable here. The festival takes place 6 miles from Glastonbury in the area, located between two villages. Of course, not many hotels or motels are available there.

It is recommended to use camping during five days of the festival. The spirit of the festival is free and natural, so it will be so interesting to support the main idea of the event and stay during 5 days in the tent. If you chose this place of accommodation, don’t forget about the main safety rules of staying in a tent. Be cautions with the open fire and don’t smoke in the tent!

If you can’t stay in the tent and dream about some comfort, the closest hotel to the place of the event is Snoozebox. Five nights staying here is £2000. Hot breakfast in bed is included. By the way, during your breakfast you can meet some famous musicians, who take part in the festival, as most of them also stay here.
Glastonbury Festival

There are 30 affordable rooms in the hotel, so book in advance, if you plan to stop here. To get to the place of the event it is possible, using a shuttle or a cab. The hot breakfast here is tasty, but actually, it is not enough, so where else is it possible to eat and to drink?

Food and Shopping

There are more than 250 food stalls on the territory of the festival. Dishes are different, starting from the big bowl of pasta and some tea and ending with silver served great meal. The prices in the stalls are different too, so you can find the budget variant of eating or have the meal of highest grade for some solid amount of money. The cuisine is various, it is possible to find the food to any taste – so if you are allergic or have some dietary needs, and still you will be able to find the necessary dishes here.
Glastonbury Festival

Of course, it is impossible to leave and not to get the souvenir to remember this great event. Several markets work in the area, where you can get souvenirs of various kinds. It is possible to find some oil paintings or wood carvings, you can get statuettes or small sculptures – the guests from different parts of our planet have brought the gifts for you, so you can find really precious unique things for a reasonable price here.

To conclude, Glastonbury Festival is a significant cultural event, that is popular all over the world. More than 175,000 visitors from different parts of our planet come here and enjoy its free atmosphere and music of famous bands or talented newcomers.

The Glastonbury Festival – 2015