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Gloucester Cathedral – The Unique Place

Gloucester Cathedral front
If you visit Gloucester, you should find some time to go to Gloucester Cathedral.
The building of the cathedral is unique. It is one of the most interesting in the world from architectural point of view. Besides it has great historical, religious and cultural meaning. So, include the visit to Gloucester Cathedral in your diary if you come to Gloucester (Great Britain).

Gloucester Cathedral History

The building of the cathedral is one of the oldest in the world. It was founded in 681by the Saxon King, named Osric. Then it was called St. Peter Abbey Church. The building of the church was made of wood then and it was the sample of Roman architectural style. In 1022 it was given to Benedictine Monks. Then a big monastery had place in the building of the church. In 1085 St. Peter Abbey Church was known by the writing of Domesday Book, ordered by William the Conqueror. According to the information in this book the taxes for citizens were fixed.
Gloucester Cathedral, England

In 1088 the Abbey was destroyed by fire and the next year monks started to restore it.

The rebuilding of the church took many years due to lack of funds. That’s why Gloucester Cathedral architecture is one of the most interesting in the world. During decades the architectural style was changing and that’s why Gloucester Cathedral is the sample of interesting mixture of various architectural styles. When was Gloucester Cathedral built? It is hard to answer. Its building was made in 6 stages. Every stage is characterized by some style and design.
Gloucester Cathedral, England

Gloucester Cathedral became well known after the coronation of Henry III.

Nowadays the cathedral is popular as the religious and historical centre. Thus, many famous royal people are buried here. For example, the elder son of William the Conqueror, Robert, was buried here and many other famous people of that time era.

Tourists visit this place to hear Gloucester Cathedral organ. Its music is impressive, so you can spend several hours here, just listening to it.

Other people come here to see the place, where famous franchise “Harry Potter” was shot. Famous school of wizards was situated here, in the building of Gloucester Cathedral. This building was used by BBC for film shooting in 2014 one more time, when TV series, based on Shakespeare tragedies, were staged here.
Gloucester Cathedral Harry Potter

If you were not impressed by the fact that some popular films were shot here, there’s one more thing that for sure will make you say “Wow!” Stained glass windows, extremely big and bright, are situated here. You can see various scenes from life of noble people in 13-14 centuries. One of them shows the men playing golf.

Gloucester Cathedral Services

Tourists come to Gloucester Cathedral to see its building, to make beautiful photos near the stained glass windows or to recognize the corridors of Hogwarts School. But if you are a faithful person, for sure, you will have an idea to visit one of Gloucester Cathedral services. The services are arranged every day here in the morning and in the evening. If there’s some special day in the calendar or some religious holiday, there are additional services, devoted to the event. The prayers at Gloucester Cathedral invite everyone to visit the service here in spite of his nationality and religion. If you plan to visit cathedral on some special day, check in advance the schedule to be in time. If you just want to pop in any day of the year – you are always welcomed here! You can be a practicing Christian or not – in any case you can come here!
Gloucester Cathedral choir

Gloucester Cathedral choir is one more reason, why people visit this cathedral. Choir is great here, it is worth listening. Evensong is a great tradition of this cathedral. Cathedral Choir sings 5 times a week. So, if you have made up your mind to visit Gloucester Cathedral, here’s important information for the tourist.

Gloucester Cathedral Opening Hours
Gloucester Cathedral, England

Gloucester Cathedral is opened daily from 7:30 to 18:00. The entrance is free here, and if you like to come to the cathedral, you can just do it, even if you are not a practicing Christian.

If you have an opportunity, you can make a contribution. As usual a contribution of £5 is made, and if you plan to make photos or to shoot a video, you should get permission, it costs £3. Of course, if you can’t make a payment, you are welcomed for free, but it is recommended to do it. In fact most of cathedrals in Great Britain live by their own cost; they are not donated by the government, so they live due to donations of tourists or contributions from some rich citizens.

There are several ways you can get to the building of the cathedral.
Gloucester Cathedral, England

How to Get to Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester cathedral address is: 12 College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LX, United Kingdom.

The cathedral is situated not far from Gloucester Town Centre. You can easy get to the centre by train or by bus (number 444) from Victoria station. Of course, you can get here, using your own car. Unfortunately, Gloucester Cathedral parking is affordable just for people with disabilities. The number of places is limited here, so if you are not disabled, you can use any car park nearby. It will take you within 10 minutes to get here.

Gloucester Cathedral Shops and Restaurants

Of course, there are no bars or restaurants just in the building of the cathedral, so if you plan to have a full meal, you can visit the restaurant nearby. But if you dream about the cup of hot tea of coffee and a big piece of homemade cake, it is recommended to visit Coffee Shop.
Gloucester Cathedral, England

There are two unique pies that are sold in this shop. Both of them are made in the form of a triangle and it symbolizes the Holy Trinity. The pies are made by secret recipes, created by Benedictine Monks, who used to live in the building of cathedral.

If you are not in mood to have coffee, but want to get a souvenir, pop in Gloucester cathedral shop. There you can get souvenirs, connected with cathedral, its traditions and history. You can find here postcards, books and CDs that will tell you about the main site in Gloucester – its cathedral.

Gloucester Cathedral Contacts

If you plan your visit here, and have some questions as for opening hours, Gloucester Cathedral services or about the gifts in the shop, you can contact its staff directly. Phone  +44-1452-528095 or mail to and enjoy your visit here!