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Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

To understand Gloucester, to feel its soul, you should come to Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery. It is not the only museum in the town, but it is a must have to pop in if you are in Gloucester.

Gloucester City Museum History

It was Sydney Dobell, the poet, who founded the museum in 1860. Then it was a small collection of people belongings, and three rooms of the local hotel were enough for them. Later the museum became the property of City Council. It is the sample of Victorian style. The museum still deals with history, it represents various eras, starting from the ancient times. They say, the building of the museum is located not far from Roman cemetery, and some Roman skulls were found here.
Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

The staff of the museum is very friendly; most of people have been working for decades here. They say, there’s even a ghost, who lives in the building of the museum. Nigel Taylor James, who has been serving here since 1989, said he had seen George for two or three times. He has medieval clothes and is very friendly, so the visitors shouldn’t be afraid of him.

You can come to Gloucester City Museum to see the ghost George or to watch some other historical objects that are held here.

You will be impressed by the building of the museum that looks old-fashioned, when you approach to it, but it appears to be very modern inside.

The museum was restored in 2010-2011. A great amount of money was paid for restoration. It cost £1 million to make the museum look modern and comfortable.

Gloucester City Museum ExhibitionsGloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

After your visit here, you will know much more about history of Gloucester and world history as well. There are many things here that are considered as valuable from national and international point of view.

Thus, you will learn more about dinosaurs and even will see the skeleton of dinosaur. It is really impressive and the staff of the museum is proud of it. You can also see Roman Wall and watch various people belongings that are related to Roman Epoch. Roman history is always interesting, so you won’t be disappointed, if you see the exhibition devoted to this topic.

Iron Age, Saxon history and natural history – you will like these exhibitions here.

As for permanent exhibitions, they are changed from time to time. Till the end of October, 2015 tourists will have an opportunity to see the permanent exhibition, called “WOW! Rugby”. You will know more about rugby, its history and rules, if you see this exhibition. You will see many photos as well. It is devoted to Rugby World Cup.
Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery WOW! Rugby

If you have children, you should take them here. There are many activities for them arranged in the museum. They will admire dinosaurs, belongings of ancient people, such as clocks, pieces of furniture and paintings. These things will grab your child’s attention for long. After that your kid will take part in any of hand-on activities, that are regularly held here, so the visit to Gloucester City Museum will make small tourists happy and they will learn a lot too! If you child have a birthday soon, you can easily arrange a birthday party for him just here – this kind of service is affordable.

So, if you have made up your mind to come here, please, check the schedule!
Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

Gloucester City Museum Opening Hours

Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery opening hours are from 10:00 to 15:00. Monday and Sunday are days off here.

As for prices, some tourists, who have already visited this venue, tell, that it is quite pricy. But it is necessary to add that not long ago an option was activated. Thus, it is possible to get the common ticket for £5 that can be used for other museums in Gloucester as well.

As for the standard charge, it costs £3 per adults. Children under 5 can come for free. It is possible to get family ticket (2+2) for £10. The prices are quite affordable, as you see, so don’t hesitate and come here!

How to Get to Gloucester City Museum
Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery map

The address of Gloucester City Museum is: Brunswick Road, Gloucester Gloucestershire GL1 1HP

The visitors come to the museum by bus 444. It is also possible to come by taxi or by car. In this case come to the centre of the city. Here all the sites of Gloucester are located. City museum is here too!

There’s no car park that belongs to the museum but there are various social car parks nearby, you can easily leave your vehicle at one of them.

If you get hungry during your visit to the museum, you can have dinner in the café.

Gloucester City Museum Shops and Restaurants

Looking about the building of the museum is interesting, but it makes you tired. If you have an idea to take a short rest in a café, to drink a cup of hot coffee or tea and to add a piece of soft homemade cake to it, pay a visit to “Café Nerva”. This café, situated just in the building of the museum, is a sweet bonus to the museum program of entertainment. Small, but comfortable area, soft chairs and extremely tasty cuisine of course – you will enjoy it during your visit to the café. If you have some special event or meeting, you can pop in even without visiting the exhibitions in the museum. The café is affordable for museum ticket holders and for all the others, who just want to drink the best coffee in the town.
Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

If you can’t return home without a gift, you should visit the gift shop, situated just here. City Museum Shop is the ideal place for children. There are many toys and games, you can get for your child to play at home and remember the visit to Gloucester. For adults there are post cards with photos of the museum.

Gloucester City Museum Contacts
Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery

If you plan to come to Gloucester and want to visit its City Museum or enjoy works of art in the gallery, you should call in advance, to make sure about opening hours and prices. The information about contemporary exhibitions although changes from time to time, so it should be checked before your visit.

The phone of the museum is +44 (0) 1452 396131. If you have any questions about getting to the museum and car parks nearby, you can email at

Hopefully, you will be content with your visit here!