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Hadleigh High Street Shops

Hadleigh High Street

Hadleigh is the best town for shopaholics, as it is the market town. Here there are many shops of different kinds and sizes. The best shops in Hadleigh are situated at High Street. So, if you need some clothes, souvenirs or a new doll, you are welcomed to Hadlewigh High Street!

  1. Plum Green
    Plum Green

It is a gift shop, so this place is loved by tourists. It is impossible to come back from vacation without a small gift to every member of your family.

Especially beautiful Plum Green is at a holiday time. You can get here souvenirs to every holiday. They sell huge pumpkins for Halloween, figurines of Santa Clauses for Christmas and soft hearts for Valentine’s Day.

If you are not looking for the gift to some special occasion, you can get the things that will be useful for everyone. Here you can get umbrellas for both, men and women, teddy bears, dolls, calendars for the next year and souvenir utensils.

Address: 82 High St, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5EF, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1473 822243

Plum Green Opening Times:


9.00 – 17.30



  1.  Tatty Broyds
    Tatty Broyds

Most of shopaholics are ladies and this shop is supposed especially for them. Women clothes and shoes are sold at Tatty Broyd’s. If you are at vacation, you want to get something to remember this city or town. Hadleigh was known as a market venue from the ancient times, so to get brand clothes and shoes here is really a good idea. If you are women of fashion, you should come to this shop, as there you will find clothes and accessories from such trademarks as Beaumont Organic, Markberg, Sol Sana and many others. Soon you will return home and will boast with a new dress or a pair of stylish shoes that you won’t be able to find in your native city.

Adress of Tatty Broyd’s: 61 High Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5DY

Telephone: +44 1473 823144

Tatty Broyd’s Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday

10.00 – 17.00



  1. Adnams Hadleigh
    Adnams Hadleigh

This store is a popular place for tourists and local citizens as there’s no party without alcoholic drinks. Wide choice of wine and beer can impress everyone. If you are looking for souvenir wine to bring as a gift at home or you are planning a party and need great variety of alcoholic drinks, you can come here and the friendly staff will help you. They will assist you in choosing the proper wine for your party as the staff here is knowledgeable.

Besides you can hire glasses and other utensils here too, if you arrange a big party at home and your home glasses are not enough.
Adnams Hadleigh

Address of Adnams Hadleigh: 73-75 High St, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5DY, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1473 827796

Adnams Hadleigh Opening Times:


9.00 – 16.00



  1. Bromley & Fitch Ltd
    Bromley & Fitch Ltd

This shop is supposed for those, who love their home. Tiles of the highest quality are offered to the customers here. Great variety of patterns and materials will suit to any taste and paying ability. The company is at the market of household products for many years already.

They offer tiles made of ceramics or porcelain, marble or natural stone. If you are hesitating and feel lost among the variety of colors, patterns and materials, the staff will help you with pleasure. The workers of Bromley & Fitch Ltd will share their designer’s ideas with you and thus you will make the best choice for your bathroom or kitchen. If you are not locals at Hadleigh, but you like the tiles from Bromley & Fitch Ltd, you can ask for the delivery – this option can be activated too.
Bromley & Fitch Ltd

Address of Bromley & Fitch Ltd: 50 High St, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 5AL, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1473 829339

Bromley & Fitch Ltd Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday

9.00 – 17.00



  1. Keith Avis
    Keith Avis

This shop is necessary to know about, if you have come for vacation to Hadleigh. They sold magazines and newspapers here, so if you like to enjoy reading the fresh newspaper, while having breakfast at the nearest café, pop in to Keith Avis.

The choice of magazines, newspapers and brochures is really wide here. Besides they sell postcards for each holiday, souvenir pictures of Hadleigh, calendars and handmade postcards.

The shop was opened in 1969 and it is the sample of family business. They are proud to sell daily newspapers and other issues for more than 40 years already. Besides they can do any kind of printing job for you.

Every year they arrange competition among children. The small painters draw holiday postcards that are printed by Keith Avis and sold just here. The shop is interesting, it is recommended to visit.

Address of Keith Avis: 68 High St, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 5EF, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1473 823131

Keith Avis Opening Times:


9.00 – 17.00


9.00 – 16.00

  1. Suffolk Doll’s Company
    Hadleigh Suffolk Doll’s Company

It is not a commonplace gift shop like you can find in any town. Suffolk Doll’s Company is located at a listed building and they are proud to be the part of tradition in their town. The shop is devoted to dolls, collective teddy bears and various accessories that can be used by your doll. Suffolk Doll’s Company is a small paradise for women from 5 to 80, where they can see and get various dolls – small and big, blondes and brunettes, in long ball dresses or smart sport suits. Your doll needs a house, so the great variety of doll’s houses is sold here too. If you have a daughter or niece, buy the doll house for her and she will be the happiest child in the world. The prices for doll’s houses start from £32.50.

Although this shop is supposed for women, the strong half of the humanity can also pop in and get the soft teddy bear for the loved woman.

Various accessories for dolls like dresses, furniture for the houses and hospital facilities are affordable here too. This marvelous shop is worth your visit!
Suffolk Doll’s Company

Address of Suffolk Doll’s Company: 21 High St, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 5AG, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1473 827600

Suffolk Doll’s Company Opening Times:


9.00 – 17.00

  1. Hicks B V Ltd
    Hadleigh Hicks B V Ltd

It is an Electronic Store. The shop has a long history. It was opened in 1960 and at first TV sets were sold and repaired there. Now great variety of electronic goods can be bought at Hicks B V Ltd. If you have lost your camera or cell phone during your vacation, you can come to this shop and get the new one. For locals they sell fridges, TV sets, washing machines and other home appliances, that will make the life easier and more comfortable. Hicks B V Ltd is the official dealer of Panasonic!

Address of Hicks B V Ltd: 45-47 High St, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 5AB, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1473 822005

Hicks B V Ltd Opening Times:


9.00 – 17.00


9.00 – 12.00

Wednesday – Saturday

9.00 – 17.00