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Hadleigh Show – Visit and Enjoy

Hadleigh Show
Hadleigh Show has a long history. Read, learn and haxe a great time there.

Food is important. Sometimes one loaf of fresh bread means much more than the clever words of the famous philosopher. Earlier people had to struggle for their food and that’s why they valued it – because it is the necessary thing to survive. Now we keep to a diet and think, that food is not important as there’s plenty of it in the supermarket. But where does our food come from and who makes food products for us? The organizers of Hadleigh Show tried to find the answer to this question.


Hadleigh Show has a long history. In 1839 the farmers of Hadleigh arranged their own club. It was called Hadleigh Farmers Club. The aim of their meetings was to share the experience, to discuss some actual problems and just to entertain.

In the 19th century it was agricultural depression. During several years there was no harvest and people suffered from hunger. The citizens of Hadleigh were close to starvation. The big family had an opportunity to get just half a pound of flour per week. Many people lost their jobs and were in despair. When the usual rotation of crops didn’t lead to any successful results, the farmers of Hadleigh renewed their meetings. They hoped to change something.
Hadleigh Show

The meetings of Hadleigh Farmers Club took place in the White Lion Inn (sometimes in the White Horse Inn). One day Professor John Henslow visited one of the meetings. Later he became a regular one and gave his necessary recommendations to farmers. Thus the science was joined with agriculture. Farmers started to use artificial manures that made the harvest much bigger. In 1840 on the 20th of November Professor Henslow became an honored member of Farmers Club.

The farmers used to meet every month. They discussed not just the manures to treat the soil, but also the problems of cattle breeding, diseases of plants and many other topics. When Hadleigh Farmers Club had some achievements to boast with, the farmers arranged their first show to let the people know about their work.

This show is held annually during 176 years. In 2015 Hadleigh Show was visited by thousands of people – local citizens and newcomers. Some of the visitors came for the first time.

Hadleigh Show

What was on at Hadleigh Show in 2015?

The show was held at Holbecks Park on the 16th of May in 2015. The organizers of the show tried to keep its traditions, but they wanted to show the latest achievements in agricultural science as well. But if earlier the main aim of the festival was to show the new methods of farming, now its aim is to show, where our food comes from. We have plenty of bread, meat and vegetables in shops and supermarkets 24 hours per day, but we forget to say “Thank you!” to people, who make the food products for us. “We had a record number of livestock and very high number of visitors” told in his interview the director of the show, James Batchelor-Wylam. Of course, the director of Hadleigh show and his assistants tried their best to make it informative and funny. That’s why many entertainments were organized.

So, what was on at the show in May, 2015?
Hadleigh Show

  1. The Inch Perfect Motorcycle Trails Display

The participants of the display showed the visitors interesting and sometimes dangerous tricks they can play with their bikes. The great feeling of balance and ability to control the bike of the participants of the display impressed anyone, who watched it.

  1. “Year of the Sheep Show”

The current year is the year of the sheep, a domestic animal. Of course, this fact was in the center of attention of Hadleigh Show organizers. They told about the main animal of the year many interesting things – like the secrets of sheep breeding and how the sheep wool is used. These interesting facts were combined with funny sheep dances and sketches.

The visitors also knew a lot about the history of the show and about the events that will take place within the program of the show in 2016.
Hadleigh Show sheep

  1. Demonstration of Food Machinery

The modern farmer can’t imagine his life without food machinery. The devices help to make the harvest bigger and to ease the hard work of a farmer. The visitors admired Sugar Beet Harvester and many other devices.

The people, who came here on a warm spring day enjoyed great show of racing terriers and had an opportunity to see more than 150 classes of cattle.

The show was extremely interesting and the organizers promise, they will make it even better the next year.
Hadleigh Show

Tickets and Accommodation

For “early birds” there are always some discounts, so if you plan to visit Hadleigh Show, it is better to get the ticket in advance.

The tickets for the show are not sold yet, but they will start at the beginning of 2016. It is possible to get the tickets online at the official site of the show or to buy them in person in such shops as “Keith Avis” (Hadleigh), Boxford Post Office (Boxford) and Hall Farm Shop (Stratford).

The full price for the ticket is £12. The members of confessions can have a discount for £2. Children under 5 are welcomed for free and the small visitors from 5 to 16 will get their tickets for £7. If you come with your spouse and children (2+2), you can get family ticket for £27.
Hadleigh Show

If you don’t live in Hadleigh, but came here for a couple of days to visit the show, you can stop at some of comfortable hotels that are situated in Hadleigh. They are Tudor Cottage (Hadleigh), Cameo Hotel Copdock (9 km from Hadleigh) and some others.

Shopping and Food

Of course, the traders, who take part in Hadleigh show, are always ready to sell their goods to visitors. So if you are fond of shopping, you will getplenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs and other kinds of goods. Thus, there was flower tent for those, who wanted to get home the new plant in the pot. There was also a stand of art works, where the lovers could find some interesting exclusive things to decorate their houses.

Hadleigh Show cakes

As for food, traders brought a lot here. The show is the opportunity to local business communities to present their products, so there are plenty of food stalls here. In 2015 there were 42 stalls and next year will be also many of them. So, don’t worry that you will get hungry during the long hours at the show.

The show is held at Holbecks Park that is just a few yards away from the High Street with its shops and cafes, so if you are not satisfied with the souvenirs and food at the Show, you can simply go there (by bus, probably) and have dinner at some of its pubs.

Hadleigh Show is an interesting event that is visited by more than 12,000 people every year. Next year you can come too!