Country terrace is not a dream: create it with your own hands


To have a place of your own probably – a goal everyone is trying to achieve. But to build a place with your own hands is by all means a challenge.

When you live in the village you do have lots of choices like where to build your own outdoor terrace or patio, how to make it cozy, how much space to use, for what purpose to build. If you don’t want the build process to last forever, pretty nice option is to create your own paradise on the patio or outdoor terrace. Here we have prepared several tips on how to build your outdoor cottage terrace right and how to make your terrace the most wanted place in the house.

What style to choose?

Of course a lot depends on your needs and possibilities. But if you are living a simple country house, you probably will not want your outdoor terrace to look much more expensive than the actual house. The important thing is start simple, decide on during what season you will use it the most. Of course it would be perfect to make it universal and have your friends over during cold winter evenings, relax and enjoy the sunbath in summer, have barbecue and stakes with a couple of beers in a nice company.  So use a little bit of your imagination, choose an ordinary, rusty style, use your skills and turn outdoor terrace into comfortable, warm and beautiful shelter. Try to keep it clear and save some space.

Plant and grow

How amazing it is to sit beautiful morning in the blooming garden sipping cup of morning coffee, enjoying the weather or reading a book. Carefully think of garden you would like to have on your terrace and choose what to kinds of plants to grow. A good idea could be to use some kind of combinations of seasonal flowers, you can enjoy its beauty and aroma during the whole year, herbs, couple of trees, some tall potted plants, and even some vegetables.

Design and enjoy


Terrace furniture is very important addition to your outdoor terrace. You will spend most of your time in there if it brings you pleasure, comfort and appeasement. Well-chosen terrace furniture adds some extra beauty, chic and a scent of individual style, it should absolutely suit the ambiance. Rectangle coffee table, wooden terrace furniture, upholstered seating, hammock chair or rocking chair, swinging seat bench – will add elegance to your outdoor space and make it look gorgeous. You will want to spend most of your time hanging out there.

Add some life as well


Use your fantasy and get inspired! Add some beautiful and fun decorations. Several plush pillows and throws, porch pouf, decorative frames, candles, stones, cacti, add some fun light like glowing orbs or globe lights, hang up pots of your favorite herbs. Think about your must-haves, things that will for sure make you happy and think about how you can fit them into the space you have created. And one more important tip, thinking creatively can help you go tight on your budget, like for example using an old house trunk instead of coffee table.