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Ilkeston Leisure Centre

Ilkeston Leisure CentreFind your own best way how to spend a great evening in Ilkeston.

There are only two reasons why the woman can stop her shopping. The first one is that she is out of money and the second one is that she is overloaded with shopping bags. If you are in Ilkeston, you can forget about these too troubles. Prices here are low and great transport system allows coming from one point to another quickly with any amount of bags.

A Few Words about Ilkeston

Ilkeston is a real paradise for shopaholics. There are more than 250 shops of different kinds there. Everything you want from toys to clothes and confectionery you can get in Ilkeston.

The town is supposed to be founded in the 6th century AD. It was named after its founder – Ealac, the Anglo-Saxon Chief. In the 13th century the town was known for its market and fair, becoming a great shopping centre. It remains the market place till now.


Now the town is quite small its population is about 37,000. But it is a vivid touristic centre; people come here from different parts of Great Britain, from Europe and USA. They are attracted by shopping possibilities, by sport activities and by attractive pubs and restaurants that are situated everywhere in Ilkeston. Especially a lot of visitors come here in October, when the famous Ilkeston fair is arranged. If you come here as a tourist one day, you should visit Ilkeston Town Centre.

Ilkeston Town CentreIlkeston

In the centre of Ilkeston there’s Market Square. Shopping is the main kind of entertaining here. You will be surprised by the variety of big retailers and small independent shops that are situated at Ilkeston Town Centre. If you travel by car, you won’t worry about your vehicle. There are many car parks, situated in the centre of the town. The prices for car parking are reasonable.

If you got tired from shopping, you can stay in one of cozy restaurants or pubs. There are a lot of them in Ilkeston Town Centre. After having a cup of coffee with a big piece of homemade cake, you can visit Ilkeston Leisure Centre. There are several of them in the town. Victoria Park Leisure Centre is one of the most popular of them. It is opened from 7.00 till 20.00 (at weekend till 17.00). There you can visit one of sports clubs meetings (diving club, swimming club, ballet club) or spend an evening in one of its cafes.


When you walk around Ilkeston, there’s one more thing you should know. The town is safe, you can relax here. The security of the town is provided by Ilkeston Police Station. For those, who like to be active during their vacation, visiting bowling is highly recommended.

Bowling in Ilkeston

MFA Bowl Ilkeston was renovated not long ago. Now there are 16 lanes at the Bowling centre. Booking in advance is recommended, especially at weekends. Bowling Ilkeston is a great idea for those, who want to spend their free time together with children. The lanes are available even for the youngest players. Especially for them there are light balls.Ilkeston

The score is calculated automatically, so the only thing you need to do is just to take your shoes off and to receive the pair for playing from shoe hire bar (all sizes are available).

The bowling centre is renewed and well decorated. It is the ideal place not only for family rest but also for work parties. Car parking is available, prices are not high.

To play one hour at one of the lanes will cost you £5.00. There’s a bar not far from lanes, so if you got tired from playing, you can have a glass of juice, coffee cocktail of smoothie. Most of people, who have visited bowling at Ilkeston, had a great time. But there are some visitors, who mentioned, the staff was rude.

If you are not the lover of active leisure, you can go to the cinema while your rest at Ilkeston.

Cinema in Ilkeston. Tips for Movie Lovers

For sure, you have visited cinemas many times, in different cities or even countries. But everyone, who had an opportunity to visit Scala Ilkeston cinema, mentioned, that it is special. First of all you will be charmed by the building of the cinema. It is a real architectural gem. Locals are proud of Scala, it is considered as historical heritage of the city. Of course, it demands some repair, the décor of walls is a little spoiled by water damage and the second store is not available. The cinema looks a little old fashioned, and it is the secret of its charm.


The cinema is single screened, it is really a rare thing nowadays, when we got used to multi screen cinemas. The quality of the picture and of the sound is great, it can rival with the best cinemas of the country. The prices for movies are inexpensive, you will like them. Thus the full price per ticket is £7.50. Children and students can get a discount. Booking in advance is available. It is possible to do it online, on phone or come directly to the box office. Car park is adjacent to the cinema, so if you have driven here, you can be sure, your auto will be ok.

The atmosphere in the cinema is very cozy. There’s a bar nearby, where you can get traditional pop corn (it is impossible to imagine movie watching without a big bucket of popcorn and an enormous drink). The prices are extremely low!

The staff is welcoming here. They will help you in case of an emergency and for sure will ask, if you have enjoyed your time here.

What movies are on there? Of course, the new movies that are watched all over the world will be available at Scala cinema too. Thus, right now you can watch “Spectre” with godlike James Bond (Daniel Craig), “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” with Jennifer Lawrence and many other modern films.

If you have children, spend several extremely funny hours with them, taking for “Hotel Transylvania 2” or “The Good Dinosaur”. In Scala cinema Ilkeston you can watch a new movie, or an older one, that was successful and that’s why it is repeated. Thus children can watch “Inside Out”, that was released in July, 2015.

Even if your favorite movie is not on nowadays, still it is recommended for you to visit Scala cinema in Ilkeston. The great spirit of this small, but vivid and active historical town can be felt in the building of this cinema.

In any case, Ilkeston is an interesting unordinary town with its own charm and old fashioned beauty. It is not hard to get there from any big English city. Find some time to visit it and you will get unforgettable vacation experience.