things to do in Camelford

It is Show Time! Camelford Shows for Visitors and Community


Camelford is a touristic centre. Thousands of people come here all the year round. No doubt, that a great variety of shows is held here every season. Here’s the list of 5 the most popular shows, that are arranged in Camelford.

  1. Horse and Dog Advent Show

This event is arranged annually on the first Monday of May. In fact it is a kind of competition that is consisted of two parts – the first part is devoted to horse competition (including ponies) and the second one is devoted to dog competitions (including puppies).

Horse and Dog Advent Show1

Horse and dog advent show is extremely popular among local inhabitants and the tourist as it is always interesting to watch and besides many interesting photos can be made. As for horses, the competition is divided into several classes and the winner of every class is chosen. Thus this year there were such nominations as the best horse for riding, the best horse for hunting, the best jumper etc.

Ponies were present here too. The horsemen under 14 years old were riding them. The winner was chosen among them too.

As for dogs, both, adult species and puppies took place in the show. It was interesting to watch children, looking at this strong and friendly species. The owners of the dogs were so proud by their pets.

The best among horses and dogs got cups and trophies. But even if the animal was not a winner, still it had a great success with a public – the audience was really friendly.
Horse and Dog Advent Show1

The advent show 2015 was worth watching. The money, that were got for tickets, were used to support cherish activities.

Next year the administration of the show hopes to have similar success, asks volunteers to help and thanks to both, the participants and attendants for the great experience!

  1. Agricultural Show
    Agricultural Show

It is one more popular show in Camelford that is taken annually, in August as usual. The show is devoted to all aspects of agriculture. The visitors of all ages are invited. Adults and children will get an opportunity to see vintage vehicle collection. It is not just very interesting, it is informative. Even if you are not so interested in this topic, for sure, the exhibition is worth watching.

Animal shows are various and attractive here. Sheep, cows, ponies will take part in different kinds of competitions. The winner will be chosen by a strict jury and the luckiest – or the most talented – species will get the prizes. I don’t know, if funny ponies or sheep can value their victory, but their happy owners will be proud of it, no doubt!
Agricultural Show

Not only competitions, but also parades make this annual event unique and bright. Thus heavy horse parade will be held – it looks very impressive, you know. And the animals are not the only living beings, who will take part in the program of the show. Children will also try to impress the public with different kinds of sport shows.

As you see, agricultural show in Camelford is really interesting and useful. Besides it is not expensive – only £10 per adult ticket and £4 per a children’s one.

The show starts at 8.00 am. The judging starts at 8.30. For those, who get hungry during the event, refreshments and bar are affordable. Free bus service let people from different parts of the town visit the show and enjoy it. Highly recommended to write this event down to your diary!
Agricultural Show

  1. Camelford Carnival

This event as usual is held in late October. The weather is awful on this day as a rule, but the lovers of carnival don’t pay attention to it! No wonder, because it is a great holiday that lasts during a week and different kinds of art events, concerts and shows are arranged at the carnival.
Camelford Carnival

On the first day of the carnival fairy queen is chosen. Many little girls put on their elegant pink, golden and silver dresses, make cool hairdo and try to become the queen of the carnival. The competition is very strict here and the only one little girl becomes a winner. Probably, it is the happiest moment in her life!

Although choosing of the Fairy Queen is the highlight point of the carnival, it is not the only one. Different sport clubs and organizations take part in the program. They prepare bright shows, which will entertain the public. It is a good opportunity for local clubs to promote themselves.
Camelford Carnival

Of course, the concert of local popular band is also arranged here. During the carnival the best artists and the best comics try to do their best and make the audience laugh. Different kinds of competitions among clubs and individual artists take place and the best ones in every nomination are chosen.

On the last day of the carnival Christmas lights are lit. It is the sign that winter holidays are near. To sum up, Camelford carnival is an interesting and bright event in the cultural life of the town, that is visited by local people and by tourists as well.
Camelford Carnival

  1. Sea Fishing Competition Show

Camelford is popular for fishing clubs too. All these clubs form Sea Fishing Anglers Federation. It was founded in 1959 and since then the anglers of Camelford take part in annual Sea Fishing Show. It is a competition between the anglers – club members or individual ones – that lasts for 24 hours. During the whole day and the whole night the anglers of Camelford try to catch as many fish as they can. They try to catch really big fish as the more fish they have, the more chances they get to win! At the end of these 24 hours the anglers put the fish on scales and the person, who has caught the biggest haul, becomes a winner. Three winners are chosen annually. They get prizes (this year the first prize used to be £300).
Sea Fishing Competition Show

The event is very interesting and venturous. Some of anglers catch really big fish. Thus they become a good sample for young members of the association, making sea fishing not just a kind of entertainment but also a kind of useful leisure activity!

  1. Camelford Bowling Club Show

Bowling is a popular kind of sport in Camelford, that’s why many bowling clubs are registered here. Once a year the competition between the members of different bowling clubs take place in this town. If the weather is good enough, the competition takes place outdoors. If it is a rainy day, the competition is held indoors. Teams and individual players take place in the competition and the winners get the prizes.
Camelford Bowling Club Show

This game is very interesting and popular among people of all ages. That’s why it is very interesting to watch this competition and then try your hand in playing bowling too. Ladies and gentlemen both play this game and have a great time, even if they don’t manage to win!

Here are five the most famous shows in Camelford. These events and many other of similar kind are arranged in the town very often, to make their life brighter and more interesting. Tourists from different parts of Great Britain come here to watch original local shows too!