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Kendal Calling Festival

Kendal Calling Festival

Kendal Music Festival is one of the best events of this kind, taken in the North West of England. It was awarded numerous times (according to the voting of people), so it is really worth your time and money.
 Different kinds of music are played here. Thus you can listen to the freshest rock, pop-dance or indie music during your visit here.

History of the Festival

The festival was founded in 2006. Then it was a small event, arranged by a group of music enthusiasts and it resembled rather a big party than a festival. It was arranged in summer among picturesque fields of Lake District. The event was really joyful and interesting and that’s why next year it became larger.

At first local amateur bands participated in Kendal Calling. Later internationally famous bands were included to the program of the festival. Thus the visitors of the festival could enjoy the music of Blondie, Snoop Dogg, Kodaline, British Sea Power and many others.
Kendal Calling Festival

The festival is usually arranged on the last weekend of July and lasts during three days. Many tourists all over the world come to Kendal to have fun during the festival, get interesting souvenirs and listen to their favorite bands live. Annually 12, 000 tourists all over the world come to Kendal to participate in the program of the festival, which includes various parties and making sculptures from mud.

Kendal Calling was awarded numerous times. Thus, it is the owner of UK Festival Awards, Small Festival Award and some others.

If you are a music lover, if you like to make new friends and visit new places, Kendal Music Festival is a must have for you!

What’s on in 2016?

The next year is going to a jubilee year for the festival. That’s why its organizers invented something special.
Kendal Calling Festival

First of all they plan to arrange Fancy Dress Birthday Party. The party is devoted to the decade birthday of Kendall Calling.  To make this event memorable, the visitors are offered to put on a costume, devoted to some hero of the decade. Thus, you can dress like a famous villain, pop star or hippie – it is up to you to decide. The best suits will be awarded.

Of course, many famous bands are encouraged to participate. Kodaline, Ella Eyre, Billy Brag and many others will perform on the stage for the visitors in 2016.

Kendal Calling dates in 2016 are from 28 July to 31 July. Most of music lovers love Kendal calling for its small size. Thus it has intimate and relaxing atmosphere and the musicians are very close to the audience. Thus you can see them and even talk to them.

These are the reasons, why many people all over the world dream to get tickets for Kendal Calling Festival. Kendal Calling Festival

Tickets and Accommodation

Tickets for Kendall Calling can be bought online. The price for the tickets starts from £130. This year the owners of the festival started so-called “six month paying program”, when the visitors of the festival can pay a small amount of money per the ticket every month, starting from January and ending with July. Thus, the monthly payment for the tickets is about £24.

As for accommodation, the visitors of the festival are invited to camp. But don’t be afraid of the word “camping” as there are luxurious tents here as well. In general camping area is divided into 4 sections. The first one is called “traditional”. The prices are the lowest here, but it is hard to call it really comfortable. It is supposed for young people and companies of friends, who like to be close to nature.

The other section, named “Emperors Fields” is supposed for families. A few more conveniences can be found here.Kendal Calling Festival

The third section, named “Campervan Field” is prepared for people, who are going to live in their vehicles.

“Club Class camping upgrade” is the most luxurious area with showers, toilets and other facilities.

Keep in mind that tickets for camping are also sold in advance. The organizers of the event warn you, that Kendal Calling day tickets won’t be sold “on the gates”, it is better to care about tickets and accommodation in advance.

How to Get

The address of the event is Lowther Deer Park, Cumbria, United Kingdom. It is not hard to get there. You can get here by train, by taxi or by car.
Kendal Calling Festival

If you choose train as the way to get here, you should choose that one, which will take you to Penrith North Lakes. Thus there are trains that go from London to the Lakes, from Edinburgh, Birmingham and other places.

If you are going to come by car, the parking is affordable to your service. But the later you come, the further you will stop from the place of the event. It is possible to book the place at the car park in advance.

Getting by taxi is another way to get to Kendal Music Festival. When you appear at Penrith Railway, you can hire a taxi as there are approximately 5 miles left to the place of the event. The usual price for taxi here is about £12.

As you see, it is fast and comfortable to come to Kendal Calling.
Kendal Calling Festival

Food and Shopping

The organizers of the festival cared in advance to provide their visitors for food products. Various food stalls work on the territory of Kendal Calling.
Kendal Calling Festival

There are various kinds of cuisine served here. You can try dishes from Italian cuisine, Indian, Thai and many others. The food is hot and freshly cooked.

The lovers of alcohol beverages can find here real ale, various kinds of beers and wines. Non alcoholic drinks are sold here too.

The lovers of souvenirs can visit one of numerous shops, opened on the territory of the festival. You can get festival wear, sweets jewelry, CDs and postcards. Stylish eyewear, postcards with the views of Kendal and souvenirs from your favorite bands are sold here.
Kendal Calling Festival

This event will give you an opportunity not just to enjoy your favorite band performance but also to meet new people, to spend great summer time and to stay for a while in the fields. The great picturesque views of Lowther Deer Park and the entertainment in the open air will make your summer 2016 unforgettable!