places to eat in Kendal

Kendal Pubs

Kendal Pubs
If you appear in Kendal on business or for vacation or if your friend invites you to spend a week or two nearby don’t miss an opportunity to visit one of its pubs – they are worth it!

Pubs are not just the place, where you can get some drink or a plate of hot chicken or beef and forget about the troubles of a hectic week. Every good pub has its own idea, its unique atmosphere and its peculiar smell.

  1. Globe Inn Kendal
    Kendal Globe Inn

The pub is not big and very cozy. Atmosphere is free there, so if you are a tourist in Kendal and if you want to know the town better, you can feel its soul in Globe Inn Pub.

The staff is very professional here, so they will serve you fast even if it is weekend or a holiday time and the pub is overcrowded.

There’s a big choice of dishes and beverages in the menu, so everyone can find something to his taste. British cuisine is served in the bar, so you will enjoy simple and nourishing food of the noblest nation in the world.

The room of the pub is cozy and spacious, so if you have any special occasion and want to bring all your friends and relatives with you, you can be sure, there will be enough places for your company. The pub is clean and neat, so the pleasant evening for you and your friends or family members is guaranteed.
Kendal Globe Inn

Address of Globe Inn: 8 Market Place, Kendal, England

Telephone: +44 01539 721852

Opening Times:

Sunday: noon – 23.30

Monday – Thursday:  noon- 23.00

Friday – Saturday: noon-midnight

  1. Ye Olde Fleece Inn
    Kendal Ye Olde Fleece Inn

It is a typical English pub with old traditions and long interesting history. It was opened in the 17th century and although it was restored and renovated numerous times, it keeps the spirit of an ancient and noble venue.

The pub is spacious and extremely clean. Wooden floor and big massive tables with neat red napkins create the atmosphere of an ordinary English family here.

The cuisine is extremely tasty in the bar and the staff is attentive and helpful. If you have any dietary needs or you are vegetarian, still you can find the dishes to your palate.

If you are in mood to take some beer or local ale, you won’t be disappointed as beverages are of the best quality here.

Top class bar with unique friendly atmosphere and delicious food – thus Ye Olde Fleece Inn can be characterized in a few words.
Kendal Ye Olde Fleece Inn

Address of Ye Olde Fleece Inn: Highgate, Kendal, England

Telephone: +44(0) 1539725835

Opening Times:

Sunday: noon – 19.00

Monday – Saturday: noon – 15.00

18.00 – 21.00

  1. The Gateway Inn
    The Gateway Inn

This bar is extremely beautiful. Its building looks like a big old castle, hidden in the woods. If you come here in spring or summer, you can stay outdoors and enjoy not just the best food, but also aromatic fresh air.

If you come to The Gateway Inn Kendal in winter, don’t be upset! There are huge windows from the ceiling to the floor in the bar, from where great views of Kendal can be noticed.

Inside the bar looks clean and cozy, but dark brown tables and chairs looks gloomy to some extent. But it is the question of taste. So if you are not the lover of bright colors this bar is your cup of tea.

What will you get if you pop in? It depends on the daytime you come here. If you visit the inn in the morning or noon, you will stay in a neat and respectable café, where you can have a cup of strong tea and eat a big piece of a homemade cake or a bowl of porridge.

But if you pop in on Saturday night, you will listen to the live music, sing songs by yourself and try to dance – why not?
The Gateway Inn Kendal

Address of The Gateway Inn: Crook Road, Kendal, England

Telephone: 01539 724187

Opening Times:

Sunday – Saturday

11.00 – 23.00

  1. Wakefield Arms
    Kendal Wakefield Arms

The bar has its own face – it goes without saying. It is intimate, the light is soft here and tables are big and comfortable. It is the best place for a romantic date, for happy anniversary or for an evening with old friends.

The food is tasty here and the drinks are various. Portions are big. Different kinds of sandwiches fries and crusty bread are waiting for those, who will pop in for an enjoyable afternoon. Liver pate with warm aromatic bread will make you smile.

The service is friendly and polite here, but they are not very fast. Calm and domestic atmosphere of the pub doesn’t presume rush or fuss. So if you are in a hurry, you should choose another venue. But if you are ready to spend the whole evening there, enjoying talks with your friends or spouse, you are welcomed!
Kendal Wakefield Arms

Address of Wakefield Arms: Maude Street, England

Telephone: +44 (0)870 111 2906

Opening Times: Monday-Friday: 6.30 – 10.30


Saturday-Sunday: 7.00 – 11.00


  1. Duke Of Cumberland

If you come to Kendal, you should pay a visit to Duke Of Cumberland pub. Here you will find everything to spend a jolly afternoon or a romantic evening.

The waiter will serve you fast and politely. He will offer you various dishes to make your dinner nourishing and healthy. You can choose burgers or sandwiches, hot meat dishes or salads. If you want to eat something sweet, you can choose yummy ice cream, one of various homemade cakes or fruits.Duke Of Cumberland

As for beverages, there are plenty of them here too. If you are busy and have come just to make a pause in your busy day, a cup of strong coffee (there are many kinds of this beverage in the café) will fill you with energy and enthusiasm. If you are the lover of cuppa – the waiter will help you to choose the one to your palate.

If you want to have some alcoholic drink – the best local beer, ale or wine is to your service.

So come to Duke Of Cumberland and enjoy your vacation.

Address of Duke Of Cumberland: Appleby Road, Kendal, England

Telephone: +44(0) 1539 738534

Opening Times: Sunday-Friday: noon- 23.30

Saturday: noon-midnight

  1. Castle Inn
    Castle Inn

For most of locals Castle Inn is not just a pub, it is the second home, the place where they can relax and get some new motivation for a new working day. That’s why, when the pub was poured with water during the recent flood, the locals tried their best to help. In 2016 the pub will be restored and reopened again and the staff is waiting to the regular clients and to the new clients as well.

The pub is known for its extremely beautiful and well decorated premises, with its tasty cuisine and fast service. The family atmosphere here attracts clients from various cities and towns of England and other countries. So give it a try, if you are in Kendal!
Kendal Castle Inn

Address of Castle Inn: 13 Castle Street, Kendal, England

Telephone: 01539 729983

Opening Times: Sunday – Saturday

11.30 – 23.45