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Maldon Mud Race

Maldon Mud Race

It is the special event, which is taken annually in Maldon, Essex. It is arranged by Maldon community for entertainment. The money, got from the event, are spread over three charitable organizations in Maldon.
One of them, “Headway” helps people to start their ordinary everyday life after brain injury.

Who has invented the Run and what for?

The first Maldon Race in the salting took place in 1973, when the landlord of “Queens Head” organization and a local citizen made a bet. The last one was asked to have dinner in the bed of the local river, named Blackwater, wearing his dining jacket. The fact is that the area consisted of salting and mud, so it was so dirty there. But the local was skilful enough and he fulfilled the condition. In 1974 he opened a bar in the river bed and many locals visited it and drank a pint of beer. Several years later too many people wished to drink beer in the mud, so the event was stopped for a while. After a while the Run was renewed, but its rules were changed a bit. Since 1994 and till now the group of enthusiasts is gathered to run 400 meters in a thick mud. They run the half-way (about 200 m) to one bank and then return. The Run is a winter kind of entertainment, but in 2009 the race was arranged twice, once in December, and the second time in May. The reason is the great amount of “runners” from various European countries, who dreamed to try their fortune. There were so many of them, that  Lions and Rotary clubs, which are responsible for the Run, arranged additional competition.

Maldon Mud Race

Of course, the trained staff tries their best to make Maldon mud run safe for the participants. To watch the event many tourists all over the world come to the town. The event is shown on the national TV. Maldon Mud Race is also reported on TV in Italy and Germany. Mud Run UK grows from year to year and it is gradually becoming an international event.

Planning Your Visit as a CompetitorMaldon Mud Race

This year race is arranged on the 1st of May this year. Annually 15,000 visitors come to Maldon to watch the race or even try their forces as participants. If you plan to participate, you should visit the official site of the event and to fill in the application form. You should read the rules of the event carefully before you will ask for permission to take part in a race.

After learning the rules, you should fill in the application form. There you will write some personal details and after that make a payment. If you are the individual participant, your fee is ₤50, if you participate in a group of 4, your fee is ₤200, etc. Then you leave your contact details and the manager will call you back.
Maldon Mud Race

Remember, that only 300 people can take part in the competition and the event is internationally popular, so there are a lot of enthusiasts from various countries. But if you failed to take part in the event as competitor, you can always visit it as a spectator.

Planning Your Visit as a Spectator

The time of the event is not defined exactly yet. You should follow the news of the event to know, when it starts. The date is the 1st of May. The place of the event is Promenade Park, Maldon, Essex. Maldon is the town in the East of England. So your first task is to come to Maldon and book a hotel there. There are many hotels in town that are suitable for individuals, romantic couples and families with children. The range of prices is also various, so anyone can find the hotel, that is affordable for him. Choose comfortable “The Star House”, democratic “Hanson House” or romantic “The Limes Guesthouse” and book a room there!Maldon Mud Race Spectator

When you are in Maldon, your task is to get to Promenade Park. It is possible to do it by bus, by taxi or by car. Public transportation is not a problem in Maldon, so you can use it to get to the place of the event. Choose any bus, which comes from your point to Promenade Park. For example, buses number 31, 75, 90 and some others come from various parts of Maldon to Promenade Park.

If you are not in Maldon, you can come here by train. The closest railway stations are Witham and Chelmsford.

If you have just landed in London Airport, it will take you about 2 hours to get to Maldon from there.
Maldon Mud Race

But if you have made up your mind to come here by car, you should care in advance about the place at the car park.

The car park is situated near the Promenade Park, but no doubt, it will be overcrowded on the day of the event. So the visitors are encouraged to park at Maldon High Street and then to take a short walk to Promenade Park.

Children and teenagers are encouraged to visit Maldon Mud Race too, but they must be supervised. If you take your kids with you, be extremely attentive and watch them all the time as the place of the event is overcrowded.
Maldon Mud Race

Food, Drinks and Shopping

Maldon Mud Race is not the only entertainment, arranged here. Fancy Dress Competition is also takes place on the day of the event.

The administration of the Run reminds that the main aim of the Race is to gain some money for charity. In 2014 they were lucky enough to gather £55,000. So the visitors are encouraged to make donations and to get different kinds of promotional gifts that are sold in stalls on the territory of the event. You can get here souvenir rucksacks, football balls, items of clothing and cups with the logotype of the event or views of Maldon. Get these things for yourself and your family members to remember about the event and to spend some money for charity.
Maldon Mud Race

You shouldn’t get a packed lunch with you, as there are many food stalls on the territory of the event, where you can have lunch, drink some tea, coffee or beer. The food is various here, so everyone can find something to his palate. Even if you have some dietary needs, still you can find the dishes that will suit you. The event is held in May, when it is warm outside, so you can enjoy the meal in the open air and watch the great views of Promenade Park. This park is one of the sites of Maldon.

There are several cafes on the territory of the Promenade Park, where it is possible to have a short snack or to order the full meal.

The organizers of the Race plan the day of the event during long 12 months, but something unexpected always happens. So be careful during the day of the event and care about your children, if you have taken them with you.

And relax, make a merry, enjoy the day as the main task of the event is to have fun!