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Okehampton Adventures

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For the recent years Okehampton Adventures became very popular and thousands of tourists visit it annually. What is the secret of its popularity?

When Winston Churchill was asked about the secret of his longevity, he told that it is sports. And then he added that he had never done it. Probably, regular workouts are not for everyone. But to spend the vacation in an active way is a good idea as it is healthy, interesting and very funny! Okehampton Adventures is the centre near National Park in Dartmoor.  The centre is licensed and its specialty is various outdoor activities.

The Secret of Okehampton Adventures Popularity

The centre Okehampton Adventures is popular among children and adults worldwide. Its main secret is in making sports affordable for everyone. They have more than 20 activities, including archery, mountain boarding, climbing etc. Everyone can find sport activity to his interest. At the same time sport activities are divided by levels. Even if you are not in the great shape, still you can develop some new skills and try some new activity.

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If you visit Okehampton Adventures in summer, you can do some kind of watersports. It is very interesting and funny to surf, to go canoeing, to try kayaking etc. For the lovers of height, Okehampton Adventures is the kind of paradise. Mountain climbing is one of the main activities here. You can climb both, the wall and the rock. If you are the beginner in climbing, it is better to use wall mountain climbing that is divided into three levels. Rock mountain climbing is much more difficult and it is supposed for more skilful climbers. But in any case the group of climbers will be supervised by the instructor, who will assist you every minute of the session. He will advise you the places to start and the ways to develop your climbing skills.

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For whom is the centre Okehampton Adventures recommended?

In fact, Okehampton Adventures is recommended to anyone. The understandable staff will help anyone to make the day here wonderful.

They offer various kinds of activities to individual athletes, to groups, to families with children. But before you book an activity here, you should discuss the details with the staff. There are some activities that are aimed at a certain age group. If you come with children, you should find the session for them, which suits their level, is safe and not hard for them.

Okehampton Adventures is a great place for group sport activities. It is possible to come here for a week or two for Scout summer camp. It is also suitable for staff of some office or company. It is a pleasure to spend some time together with the colleagues and know each other better.

rock climbing Okehampton Adventures

Of course, Okehampton Adventures is a great place for families with kids. To spend some time in the open air playing various games or cycling is a good idea for any family, it helps to get closer.

If you have any special occasion like birthday, hen party or any other holiday (Easter Day, summer holidays), you can spend it here. They have a photographer to make great pictures about your party and they have even suits to make your party better.

So, you will like Okehampton Adventures. It is worth getting there.

Okehampton Adventures

How to Get There?

The address is The Goods Shed, Klondyke Road, Okehampton EX20 1EW, United Kingdom. At first you should get to Okehampton village (it is very small, just about 5,000 inhabitants). Then you should use your car (or any other vehicle) to get there.

If you need any advice or directions, you can call to the centre and the knowledgeable staff will explain you. The phone is +44 1837 53916. To be sure, that there will be an empty room in the hostel, email them at

Where to Stay?

If it is summer or late spring and the weather is ok, you can hire a tent and join the camping. This way to accommodate is the cheapest one. And it is always interesting to spend a night in the open air.

Okehampton Adventures Centre

But if you are not the lover of camping or you have children and need some comfort for them, then you should book a room in the hostel.

The Goods Shed is a hostel, which is situated at Okehampton Rail Station. There you can hire a comfortable room, where you will have a great rest after a long day, full of adventures. If you are in mood to play, you can visit a game room, where table tennis is played. Otherwise you can rest in a lounge room with a big TV screen. Wi-Fi is available in the hostel, so you can relax, searching in net or sharing your thoughts in social networks.

The hostel is roomy and comfortable, but it is quite noisy there. The ambience here is like in the students hostel you used to live (or visit) when you were studying. Sometimes it is quite noisy here. But it is funny at the same time.

The Goods Shed

If you are busy with any type of activity, you can easily get to the place of the event from the hostel.

The prices here are affordable. Thus for one night in the room for two you will get £105 for adults and £84 for the guests under 14.

The breakfast is included in the price of a room. But for sure, you should eat not just in the morning. After a long busy day you can feel empty and need some extra calories. In fact, eating is not a problem here.

Shopping and Kitchen

You can have dinner in the café that is situated on the territory of the hostel. Kitchen here is extremely tasty. It suits both, children and adults. It is good for people with allergy or any dietary needs.

Homemade dinner will suit any palate. You can have here hot soup, chicken, salads and meat dishes. Fresh baguettes will make you smile from ear to ear after having it. Vegetarian cuisine is served here too, so if you need the menu of that kind, you can easily get it.

Okehampton Adventures  cafe

For young couples or students alcohol option is available in the café. So if you dream about hot dinner with a glass of cold beer or big bottle of wine, you can easily book it at a café.

If you don’t like the hostel café, you can have dinner in the centre of Okehampton that is 15 minutes walk from the hostel. There are many restaurants, pubs and cafes there. Different kinds of kitchen are available, so anyone can find the venue he likes.

Okehampton centre is full of various shops, so lovers of shopping can get local souvenirs here to remember about their vacation.

Okehampton Adventures is worth visiting as it is an interesting funny and budget variant of vacation.