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Plymouth Seafood Festival

Plymouth Seafood FestivalPlymouth is the city of sea lovers and fishermen – that’s why Seafood Festival is held here.

Seafood is not only tasty, it is also useful. That’s why it is so popular all over the world. Seafood is cooked in most of restaurants; very often we prepare dishes from fish or octopus to some special events at home.

In 2011 Plymouth Seafood Festival took place for the first time. Since then it became really popular and that’s why it is visited by thousands of tourists from England and from other countries.
Plymouth Seafood Festival3

What to Eat?

What to eat at Plymouth Seafood festival? Fish, of course – many kinds of it. Sea bass, sea bream and salmon will come here just from the sea – fresh and extremely mouthwatering. Visitors of the festival will be able to taste dishes from them or simply get the fresh product and cook it at home.

Different kinds of fish – big and small, cheap and very expensive – will be present here and both, children and adults will enjoy its taste.

Shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants will bring their fish dishes here and ask you to get at least something or to taste it for free. The main aim of this event is to promote sea fish – and other kinds of sea products – because people nowadays prefer meat and vegs.
Plymouth Seafood Festival2

Fishermen of Plymouth and neighbor towns have caught about 200 tons of fish – and not only fish. Squid, walleye pollock, oysters and octopus can make any dinner luxurious, tasty and extremely useful for health.

About 20 stalls will work at the festival and each will have its own system of discounts and promotions. It is a unique opportunity for everyone, who is the connoisseur of fish market or has made his mind to include fish dishes in his everyday ration, to get the freshest fish and other sea products and make really profitable deal. Discounts on different kinds of fish will be 50% or even more!

As for cafes and restaurants, such popular places like “The Sardines Room” and some others have prepared delicate and so tasty dishes for the visitors of the restaurant. Herring with silver rice, ice fish with potatoes confit and almond cream, scallops with young zucchini, prunes and cherry oil – the dishes are original. They will surprise you by an interesting combination of tastes and exotic aroma. If you are not the lover of exotic recipes, you can get simple fish and chips or a salad from squid and enjoy its traditional, nevertheless exquisite taste.
Plymouth Seafood Festival1

If you have a child, take him with you, because it is a great opportunity to make your small darling creature eating the whole plate of fish and chips – for sure, it is possible, because the dishes are tasty and staying in the fresh air wakes the appetite.

Of course, great variety of seafood will be added by different kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks!

What to Drink?

Different drink producers will be ready to present their products within the festival. Light and dark beer from local pubs and breweries, different marks of English ale and great selection of wines are necessary to complete the taste of fish courses that you have chosen.
Plymouth Seafood Festival5

If you are not the fan of alcoholic drinks, you can simply get some tea or coffee, alcohol free cocktails or some fresh juice – everything for adults and children is sold there for fair prices.

And if after a big plate of fish and a big glass of some elegant drink you feel a little bored, it is the time to entertain yourself!

How to Relax?

Cookery Theater is present here within 2 days of the festival. Here you will meet famous chefs from TV shows and local chefs. They will prepare different kinds of demonstrations and will give the visitors many pieces of advice. How to cook certain kinds of fish? How to serve fish? What kinds of alcoholic drinks may be used in addition to fish dishes? The answers to these questions will be given by chefs, who will take part in the festival.Plymouth Seafood Festival6

If you have any questions – don’t be afraid to ask – it is unique opportunity to improve your cooking skills and know the secret of professional cooks. Chefs will cook seafood dishes just in front of the audience – so don’t forget a pen and a notepad, if you want to write a recipe and then cook it at home for people, whom you like.

If you have a kid with you – he can easily relax here too as there are some events, that are prepared especially for small guests of the festival.

Entertainment for Kids

Puppet Theater performs the plays especially for kids! They will be so happy to watch the puppets and the clowns, to sing songs with them and to dance a little! Different kinds of competitions for children will be held there – so your child can win a prize or simply to entertain himself with a jolly game!
Plymouth Seafood Festival kids

If you like face painting for children – this service is offered here for free. So you will have a great weekend with your small boy or girl and even make a lot of funny photos!

How to Become the Participant?

Festival starts its work on Saturday, the 27th of September at 8am and it is over on Sunday, the 28th of September at 6pm. Many visitors from various countries are going to come here (at least 400 people from Japan are invited), so it is better to book in advance.

The festival is held at the harbour. It is possible to get there by bus, by car or by train. If you have your own car – parking is possible. For those, who want to become the participants of this event, it is necessary to call to organizers of the festival and then to fill in the application form.
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Fish for the festival – and other sea products – are donated by local fishermen organization and by the sponsors and partners of the event.

Not only food can be get there, but also various accessories for fishing and decorations, made of sea pebbles and seashells.

This festival is comparatively young, but it becomes more and more popular. The last days of September, not so hot, but still sunny and calm – it is the ideal time for the festival. If you have vacation in September, don’t get upset, that you couldn’t have a rest in summer – coming to the seaside in September is even more interesting. This event will help you to entertain, to eat healthy seafood of the highest quality and to spend a happy weekend with your family. An interesting idea – and it is very cheap, by the way!