places to eat in Jarrow

The Best Restaurants in Jarrow

The Best Restaurants in Jarrow

For the travelers visiting a restaurant is a necessary part of their trip. There are several venues in Jarrow that are worth of attention of any tourist. But the restaurants are very different here, any of them has its own face, so you should think a little and choose the proper place in advance.

  1. White Lead Jarrow

This venue is not situated in Jarrow, but it is just 2 miles away, so it will take you within 10 minutes to get here by car.

And if you spend these extra minutes, for sure, you won’t be disappointed. There’s a roomy car park just near the restaurant, where you can leave your vehicle and be sure, it will be ok.

If you visit White Lead Jarrow in summer or in late spring, you can stay outside (the tables are served outside too) and enjoy gorgeous sunset during your meal. If you come in autumn or winter, simply enter inside and enjoy the clean and spacious premises.

The helpful waiter will help you just at the entrance and will lead you to the table. There you can enjoy a glass of beer or the best local ale while making your order.

White Lead Jarrow

The choice of dishes and beverages will impress you. Here you can have the full meal, which consists of appetizer, starter and meat course.

It is hardly to recommend what food to choose as it is the question of taste. But for sure, Black Pudding dish and Grilled Belly Pork on Noodles will make you lick your fingers after the dinner.

The order comes really fast, but if you visit the restaurants at weekend, be ready to wait a little longer. But fresh hot dishes are worth waiting, no doubt of it.

The evening here is a great relax and opportunity to eat some new special courses. So it is highly recommended for tourists.

Address of White Lead: Blackett St, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear

Telephone:  +44(0)191 489 4656

Opening Times:

Sunday: Closed

Monday- Saturday:

  1. 00 – 21.00

Opening Times:

  1. Martino’s Jarrow
    Martino's Jarrow

Spacious rooms, high ceilings, huge windows and elegant chandeliers – Martino’s Jarrow is the piece of luxury, it goes without saying. The tables are big here and chairs are comfortable, so if you plan to spend the whole evening here, you can easily do it and not to be afraid of pain in your legs or back.

The food is good enough here, although it is quite ordinary, so you shouldn’t expect some extremely tasty exotic dishes at Martino’s.

The prices are average and the choice of drinks is good enough.

The staff is helpful here, but they are not extremely fast, so pop in if you have enough time to wait.

Some people book this restaurant for a party or any other special occasion as the premise is well decorated, so it is possible to make beautiful photos here.
Martino's Jarrow

Keep in mind, that there’s a high staircase in Martino’s Jarrow and there’s no lift, so if you are not in a great shape, choose the table on the first floor.

Address of Martino’s: 59-61 Ellison St, Jarrow, England

Telephone: +44 191 483 2690


12.00 – 23.00

Monday: Closed

  1. Paul’s Golden Chippie

This venue is suitable for those, who want just to get tasty and inexpensive dinner. Paul’s Golden Chippie is very simple; it is hard to call this restaurant splendid or luxurious.

But it can boast with simple and cozy domestic atmosphere. You feel the smell of homemade food just in the entrance and it makes you feel good.

The staff is helpful here and they will help you to make the order, if you need any consultation.
Jarrow Paul's Golden Chippie

There’s one fault – the restaurant is busy very often and that’s why as usual the visitors are waiting a little till they get their food.

On the other hand, the prices are really low here, so if you are a money-saver, it is the best choice for you.

The menu is massive, so anyone can find something that will suit him. Traditional fish and chips are crusty here, meat courses are highly recommended too.

The choice of drinks is also various. Coffee is the best in town here. Also you may try a glass of beer, some wine or a cocktail.

Address of Paul’s Golden Chippie: 301-303 Albert Rd, Jarrow, England

Telephone: +44 01914 285533

Opening Times:

Sunday-Monday: 11.30 – 22.30

  1. Salerno
    Salerno, Jarrow

This restaurant serves Italian cuisine. The prices are not high in Salerno and every day they make special offers, so it is possible for you to have great dinner in the restaurant for a miserable price. Takeaways are affordable in Salerno Jarrow as well, so for the tourists, who want to have luxurious dinner just in their hotel room, it is possible to order the meal and get it packed for you.

There’s no need to tell you, that Italian cuisine tastes always great as it is one of the most delicious in the world. You can try big risotto pot or scallops in tomato, a crusty pizza or dark chocolate cookies for dessert – and for sure, you will enjoy every piece of your food.

As for the ambience – it is cozy and extremely neat here. The venue was renewed in summer, 2015, so it looks comfortable and fresh. The building is beautifully decorated and the staff is fast and helpful in the restaurant – what else can you ask for?

So, you are welcomed at Salerno Jarrow.

Jarrow Salerno

Address of Salerno: 49 Fellgate Ave, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, England

Telephone: +44 (0)191 421 4142

Opening Times:

Monday: Closed

Sunday – Saturday: 12.00 – 22. 00

  1. Sultan of Jarrow
    Sultan of Jarrow

It is a restaurant and takeaway in Jarrow. The venue is quite popular among the locals and the tourists. Indian cuisine is served here. This kind of cuisine is quite spicy, it is special, so come here if you are the lover of Indian dishes or want to try something exotic and new for you.

The ambience is simple here. They tried to make authentic Indian restaurant in the heart of England – and they really succeeded in it.

The Chef of the restaurant is skillful, that’s why the dishes taste rather well. The best dishes from the menu are Tikka Chicken, King Prawn Butterfly, Mushroom Pakora or Vegetable Samosa. If you are a vegetarian, this restaurant is probably the most suitable for you in Jarrow, as vegetarian option is affordable in the venue.

The prices are not high here; an average price for the dish is £3.00. Thus the tourists like Sultan of Jarrow, when they want to save a couple of pounds for shopping or for excursions.
Sultan of Jarrow

The restaurant is quite busy, especially at weekends, so booking in advance is recommended. You can do it online or on phone. Come to Sultan and enjoy your evening!

Address of Sultan of Jarrow: 28a Western Road, Jarrow, England

Telephone: +44 0191 483 5333; +44 0191 483 4808

Opening Times:


17.30 – 12.30