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Things to Do in Hadleigh Park

Hadleigh park
Some people like swimming, the others like reading or playing the music. But there are people, who like mountain biking most of all. In this case visiting Hadleigh Country Park is a must have. But mountain biking is not the only thing you can do here. There are at least seven things you can do in Hadleigh Park!

  1. To do mountain biking
    Hadleigh park

This place was chosen as a venue for London Mountain Biking Olympics in 2012. That very year all the roads and trails for mountain biking in the park were improved. Thus, nowadays it is the best place for those, who want to try their forces in mountain biking.

If you train for some competition or just want to improve your skills, you can use the course for mounting biking, that was designed for world known athletes there. It is 5 km long and 1, 7 km of climb.

They have designed the climbs of different levels for those, who are just the beginners in mountain climbing and for those, who are professional in this area.

  1. To do cycling
    Hadleigh park

If mountain climbing sounds too dangerous for you, you can do cycling. Come here with your own bike or hire it in the bike shop that is situated just on the territory of the park.

The bikes, available in the shop, are very different. Some of them are suitable for children, so you can hire a bike for your child too. Physical activity is useful for both, children and adults. So to do cycling at Hadleigh Park is a healthy and jolly entertainment for the weekend for every family. Cycling will help everyone to activate mental activity, to increase the capacity of the lungs and get happy hormones. Besides you are improving family relationships, when you spend weekend in the fresh air together.

Cycling at Hadleigh Park is ideal for family rest, because the trails there are of various levels. Thus it is possible to do cycling in the park for those, who are just learning and for those, who want to challenge themselves.

  1. To do hiking
    Hadleigh park

You can do hiking instead of riding a bike. Long walks in the fresh air are not just pleasant, they are extremely useful. If you are not in mood to go to gym or to jog in the morning, you can do hiking instead of it. It is the simplest way to be physically active and to spend some free time with your family members.

The territory of the park is really wide. Here you will find 387 acres of wild nature. Hills, hedges and meadows are situated on the territory of the park. Every season you will find hiking interesting. There are also ponds in the park, where you can see wild ducks in spring or summer or to do skating in winter.

  1. To study wildlife
    Hadleigh park

For people, who are interested in wildlife of England, this park is the best place to spend weekend. If you have children, it is better to take them here with you. In Hadleigh Park the children can try to solve the mysterious of nature. In spring they will see the green grass and young leaves on the trees. The bluebells appear in the meadows and the birds start their singing. In summer it is hot everywhere, but not in the park.

Here you can hide in the shadow of huge trees and arrange family picnic or try kite flying. In autumn it is the time to gather fruits and blackberries. In winter, when the weather is snowy, the park looks marvelous. You can do skating or sledging here. After the day in Hadleigh Park you feel refreshed and recharged, ready for new difficult tasks and challenge at work. You shouldn’t be afraid of troubles, as you have the place to renovate your strength – Hadleigh Park.

  1. To study historical sites
    Hadleigh park

Are you interested in history? Or do you have a child, who studies history at school? So don’t miss an opportunity to come here!

Make historical trips at Hadleigh Park. First of all look at replica Iron Age house. If you study this historical period, to watch this house, to go inside of it and explore from top to bottom is the best idea for people of any age group.

If you are ready to take 1 km trip, then you can see the ruins of Hadleigh castle that probably, was built in 1215 by Hubert de Burgh.

If you have enough energy to continue your historical trips, you can explore Hadleigh farm, where Salvation Army was located. It was the idea of William Booth to create the farm for army to stay not far from London, but covered with huge trees of the park. The farm had tea rooms and breed centre. It is more than 100 years old.

  1. To make wonderful photos
    Hadleigh park

Hadleigh Park is the best place for parents and children, for grandparents and young couples, who want to save the moments of their happy family life in the album. The park is beautiful 12 months of the year, the views are stunning there! If you are planning your wedding, it is the ideal place for pre-wedding photos.

  1. To have great dinner in a park café
    Hadleigh park

There’s a small café in park, where you can get warm in November or get cool in July. Hub Café has seasonal menu, the dishes are changed very quickly, so it is hard to recommend some items from the menu. But the food is always fresh and tasty there. The café is affordable for reservations.

So, if you plan your weekend at Hadleigh, don’t forget to visit the park. The entrance to the territory of the park is free. The car park is available, but it is quite expensive – £1.5 per hour and £6 for the whole day.

There are many WCs on the territory of the park, rooms for babies and even showers in summer. So come here and enjoy your visit. Come here and get lost in Hadleigh park at least for a day.
Hadleigh park

Address of Hadleigh Park: Chapel La, Hadleigh, Benfleet SS7 2PP, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 845 603 7624

Hadleigh Park Opening Hours:


8.00 – 20.00