things to do in Newton Abbot

Things to Do in Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot

Why do we need vacation, have you ever thought about it? Of course, any of us needs to make the pause in the daily routine and take some rest.

But usually vacation is the possibility to learn something new, to go to the city you have never visited before and to meet the people you have never known before. If you plan your vacation and try to find some typical English town to visit, Newton Abbot is that very place you have been looking for! There are at least 10 things you can do in New Abbot.

  1. Watch the latest movie in cinema Newton Abbot
    cinema Newton Abbot

Alexandra Cinema is located in the heart of the town. Lots of tourists come here annually and enjoy its interesting and noble building. Many years ago, at the end of the 19th century Alexandra Theater was opened here. Many performances were held on the stage of the theater and when the first silent movies appeared they were shown here. Later the silent era was over and the theater was modified to watch the first films with the sound. Thus Alexandra Theater changed its name for Alexandra Cinema and the locals as well as the tourists started to visit it regularly.

In 2012 Alexandra Cinema was refurbished. Now there are two screens here and one of them has 3D capabilities. If you have a couple of extra hours, when you are in New Abbot, find some time to visit the cinema, one of the most unusual and interesting buildings in town.

  1. Watch a show at one of Newton Abbot Theatres
    Newton Abbot Princess Theatre Torquay

Newton Abbot is a small town with the population of about 25,000 citizens. Nevertheless, everyone can find the entertainment he likes in this small, but very vivid town. If you are the lover of theater shows and performances, there are at least two theaters, where you can watch them. Spend an evening at Princess Theatre Torquay or Babbacombe Theatre as it will help you to understand the soul of Newton Abbot better.

  1. Listen to live music Newton Abbot

Of course, there are music lovers, who can’t miss any live music show or concert. But even if you are not the fan of music, you should spend an evening in Newton Abbot, listening to live music or visiting some concert. These shows are held at Babbacombe Theatre, so get a ticket and enjoy! Sometimes celebrities come here with concerts too.

  1. Go shopping
    Newton Abbot shopping

Newton Abbot is a market town; historically it was a big trading centre. It was founded in Neolithic times and then Romans settled there. In the Romans times it was called New Town of the Abbots and later renamed in Newton Abbot. When South Devon Railway appeared here, the trade had become even more vivid. That’s why various shops and shopping centers are situated around Newton Abbot. One of the most impressive trading centers here is Trago Mills Family Shopping & Leisure Park. It is big shopping complex with various small shops that are joined under its roof. Here you can get everything – clothes, souvenirs, cosmetics, food and drinks. There are a lot of attractions for children here as well.

  1. Spend a day at a park
    Newton Abbot park

If the weather is warm and you are in good mood, to take a long walk seems a good idea. There are a lot of parks in Newton Abbot, where you can spend a day alone, with your family members or with your sweetheart.

If you are fond of wildlife and want to be closer to nature, spend a day in Stover Country Park. It is a real gem that is situated on the territory of 114 acres. Here you can walk, play outdoor games with your children or arrange a romantic picnic with your couple. Decoy Country Park is another great park here. It is especially suitable for families with children.
Newton Abbot park

  1. Play golf in the open air
    Newton Abbot Stover Golf Club

Even if you are not the lover of this noble game, you should take a lesson or two just to try. The game of the most successful businessmen and aristocrats is now affordable in Newton Abbot too.

At Stover Golf Club you can play in a company of your friends or simply take a couple of lessons and try her hand as a golfer. Of course, visiting the club is recommended, when the weather is good, but even if it is raining, still you can take the course and even get a solid discount for weather problems.

After a game you can have a big meal (for a reasonable price) just in the club and discuss the game with your partners. Great day out, you see!
Newton Abbot Stover Golf Club

  1. Ride a pony at Hayes Farm Stables
    Hayes Farm Stables

Unfortunately, Hayes Farm Stables in Newton Abbot was closed in October, 2014. But still they have a pony club, where you can watch shows with the participance of ponies, where you can lend a pony for a day (and then give it back) or simply take your children here for a pony ride.

  1. Get a plant at Orchid Paradise
    Newton Abbot Orchid Paradise

There’s no person in the world, who doesn’t like orchids. If you are on vacation in Newton Abbot, you can visit Orchid Paradise in there and watch different kinds of these godlike plants. Orchard Paradise is opened 7 days a week all year round. You can watch great flowers even in winter and feel their unusual smell.

It is possible to buy an orchid here for yourself or for your loved one and you will enjoy its beauty a long time after the return home.

  1. Learn to dance at Danceworks Devon
    Newton Abbot Danceworks Devon

For sure, you have thought about learning to dance argentine tango, salsa or foxtrot. If you are on vacation in Newton Abbot, don’t miss an opportunity to take some dancing lessons at Danceworks Devon. Private and group lessons are affordable here. It is beautiful, interesting and extremely useful for people of all ages. If you travel not alone and have your sweetheart with you, for sure, dancing lessons will help you to entertain and to get closer.

  1. Have dinner in the local pub or restaurant
    Newton Abbot Cider Bar

Some people like to visit restaurants; the others prefer to cook homemade food. In any case, if you are on vacation in Newton Abbot, visiting at least one of local restaurants or pubs is highly recommended for you. There are various venues in this town – some of them are for romantic couples, the others are for families with children. Different types of cuisine are served in Newton Abbot. Enjoy real British cuisine or Chinese cuisine here.

The most popular venues in Newton Abbot are the Cider Bar, the Church House Inn and others. So plan visiting a local restaurant on some free evening you have.

Newton Abbot is a small town in South Devon region. It is active, vivid and full of interesting sites and venues. Many tourists visit the town annually and if you plan your vacation, consider your visit here. There are at least ten things you can do in Newton Abbot during your vacation.