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Top 10 Newton Abbot Restaurants

The Elizabethan Inn, Newton Abbot

Enjoy the beauty and calmness of Newton Abbot whole day and have a great dinner in the evening. Top 10 Newton Abbot restaurants – just choose

  1. The Elizabethan Inn
    The Elizabethan Inn, Newton Abbot 2

They are the owners of the award “Best Pub 2015” in Newton Abbot. Not long ago they were closed for renovation, that’s why the premises of the restaurant look new and fresh here. This restaurant is of family type, the atmosphere is free and warm here. The food is really the best in town, so if you are hungry and dream about a big dinner, there’s the best choice for you. European cuisine is served here. The dishes are delicious; if you are the meat lover, choose the beef goulash or smooth chicken liver. If you are vegetarian, there’s a big choice of veggie courses in the menu for you as well. The staff is friendly and welcoming, so if you are in Newton Abbot, don’t miss an opportunity to visit it!
The Elizabethan Inn, Newton Abbot 1

Address of The Elizabethan Inn: Fore Street, Luton, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44 1626 775425

Opening Times:

Sunday: Noon – 23.00

Monday – Saturday: Noon-15.00: 18.00 – 23.00

  1. Two Mile Oak Inn
    Two Mile Oak Inn, Newton Abbot

Two Mile Oak Inn is the pub and the restaurant, joined under one roof. If you are in mood to have a glass or two of the best local ale, beer or wine, you are welcomed to the bar. Here you will find a massive menu with great selection of various alcoholic beverages. To make your evening better, choose one of bar snacks here.

But if you are really hungry, you can go to the restaurant and choose one of various dishes in the menu. There are a lot of items in the menu, so for sure any visitor of the restaurant can find the dishes to his palate.

If you are a sweet tooth, get one of vintage sweets, offered in the bar. The visit here is a good idea to both, tourists and locals.
Two Mile Oak Inn, Newton Abbot 1

Address of Two Mile Oak Inn: Totnes Road, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44 (0)1803 812411

Opening Times:


11.00 – 23.00

  1. The Pizza Café
    The Pizza Cafe

It is not a big and luxurious restaurant, it is just a small pizzeria with tables for four and for two. The room of the café is not big, that’s why it becomes overcrowded at weekends, so booking is advisable. There’s good news – they have takeaway menu, so you can order a couple of pizzas and have them just at home or in the room of your hotel.

The food is always tasty here and the staff is very friendly. So enjoy your meals!
The Pizza Cafe, Newton Abbot

Address of The Pizza Cafe: 50 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44 (0)1626 355102

Opening Times:

Sunday: 11.00 – 21.00

Monday – Saturday:

9.30 – 22.00

  1. Teign Cellars
    Teign Cellars, Newton Abbot

It is a typical English pub with extremely tasty burgers (some of them are unreally big), freshly cooked aromatic salads and hot frying pans with sausages. American cuisine is cooked in the pub by a team of well trained chefs.

The food is tasty here, pricy to some extent, but they have special offers, so you can have a great dinner for really inexpensive price.

The choice of beer and wine is great, it tastes well too. Highly recommended for a family dinner on a cold winter day!

Address of Teign Cellars: 67 East Street, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone:  +44 (0) 1626 332991

Opening Times: Sunday 11:00 – 23:00

Monday-Thursday 10.30 – 23.00
Friday – Saturday 10.30 – midnight

  1. Pinto Thai
    Pinto Thai, Newton Abbot

Restaurants with European cuisine are always overcrowded. But what to do if you got tired from traditional food and want to have something unordinary or exotic?

Pinto Thai in Newton Abbot is the restaurant, where Asian dishes are served. The food here is really aromatic and spicy, like authentic Thai dishes should be.

The menu is extensive, the dishes are cooked well and they are beautifully served. The only drawback of Pinto Thai can be mentioned is the slow service, but if you are not in a hurry, the taste of the dishes will compensate the time you have been waiting for it.

Pinto Thai, Newton Abbot 1

Address of Pinto Thai: 131 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44 (0)1626 337823

Opening Times:

Wednesday – Monday

17.00 – 23.00

Tuesday – Closed

  1. The Oak Room Restaurant
    The Oak Room Restaurant, Newton Abbot

The premises of the restaurant are extremely beautiful and well decorated. The spacious halls with high ceilings and extremely large windows look cozy and welcoming.

The restaurant is of family type. It can hardly be called luxurious or elegant; it is rather of country style.

The Oak Room Restaurant is the best choice for people, who want to eat tasty European dishes for a reasonable price. You can come here alone or in a company of friends, occupy the table near the window (and enjoy picturesque view from there) and have fresh salads, meat dishes or desserts.

The staff is welcoming here and although they are often busy, still the service is fast. Highly recommended!

Address of The Oak Room Restaurant: Totnes Rd, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44 (0)1803 815000

Opening Times:

Sunday – Saturday

7.00 – 22.00

  1. Mr. Biscuits
    Mr. Biscuits, Newton Abbot

The lovers of sweet things and extremely hot strong coffee, this place is for you! Hot and extremely tasty biscuits, delicious cakes and pancakes are served in the café. The place is highly recommended to adults and families with children. There’s a playground for children here, where your small one can entertain, while you are having your sweet lunch.

The room for birthday parties is affordable here, so you can arrange your child’s birthday celebration in the café. The take way option is also affordable.

Mr. Biscuits, Newton Abbot 1

Address of Mr. Biscuits: 34 Market Walk, Newton Abbot TQ12 2RX, England

Telephone: +44 (0) 7873 310670

Opening Times:

Sunday-Monday – Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 9.00 – 16.00


9.30 – 15.00

  1. Eastern Eye
    Eastern Eye, Newton Abbot

Many people all over the world are the lovers of aromatic and fresh Indian cuisine. A little spicy and too exotic to some extent, Indian dishes are regularly chosen by Europeans to make their everyday menu not so dull.

Eastern Eye is, probably, the best Indian Restaurant in Newton Abbot. Dishes have great taste, they are authentic, and you can never believe that they were cooked out of India.

The chefs are skillful and they cook the meals very fast, so you won’t wait for long even if the restaurant is overcrowded.

The prices are reasonable and the ambience is cozy and free. So, you are welcomed to Eastern Eye!

Address of Eastern Eye: Queen Street, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44 (0) 1626331155

Opening Times:

Sunday – Thursday 17.30 – 23.30

Sunday – Saturday Noon- 14.00

Friday-Saturday 17.15 – midnight

  1. Jacksons
    Jacksons, Newton Abbot

This restaurant is the ideal place for Sunday family dinner. The dishes here are lip smackingly good.

It is one of the oldest restaurants in town, a real gem and most of locals prefer to have dinner here. The dishes are extremely beautiful; it is a real pleasure to eat such a masterpiece. They taste perfectly and the bill you will get after the meal will make you smile as prices are not high here!

Address of Jacksons: 52 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44(0)1626353465

Opening Times: Sunday – Closed

Monday-11.30 – 14.00

Tuesday-Thursday: 11.30 – 14.00, 17.00 – 20.30

Friday – Saturday: 11.30 – 14.00, 17.00 – 21.00

  1. The Market Gate
    The Market Gate, Newton Abbot

If you try it, you will get a great pleasure, no doubt of it. The ambience in the restaurant is extremely friendly and good. The food is tasty, although the menu looks quite dull. Chips, burgers, sandwiches, salads – they are tasty, but this venue is not for you, if you are looking for something special. At the same time, for lovers of simple dishes the Market Gate is the best idea. The prices here will pleasantly surprise you!

Address of Market Gate: 3 Market Street, Newton Abbot, England

Telephone: +44(0) 7904 013010

Opening Times: Sunday Noon – 23.00

Monday – Thursday: 11.00 – 23.00

Friday – Saturday: 11.00 – midnight