places to eat in Cotswolds

Top 10 Places to Eat in Cotswolds – Help Yourself!

My Great Grandfather’s, Cotswolds
Eating is not just the way to get the necessary energy for everyday activity. It is also the way to entertain, to relax and to spend free time with friends or family.

That’s why, if we come to Cotswolds for a visit, we collect the information not only about its sites, but also about the most comfortable cafes and restaurants. So, learn our top list of 10 places to eat in Cotswolds and help yourself with a mouthwatering lunch or dinner!

1. The Tavern
Thatched Tavern

For lovers of tasty cuisine this is the right place. You will get juicy pork and hot chicken, add some cabbage with garlic to eat and finish the meal with delicious desert! Ingredients are mostly organic and the menu changes from season to season to provide the clients with excellent fresh food. Most of visitors tell that the kitchen is marvelous, the prices are low, but drinks are quite expensive here, wine starts from £17 per bottle.
Service is polite and kind every time, when you come here. Waiters are attentive, but not too careful to make you inconvenient. The décor of the place is elegant, so spending the evening here is highly recommended to the guests of Costwolds.
Thatched Tavern, Cotswolds

Address of The Thatched Tavern:  12 High Street | Honeybourne, Evesham WR11 7PQ, England, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1386 830454

The Thatched Tavern opening times: Monday – Thursday 11:30 -14:30pm & 17:00 -23:00
Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Open all day

2. The Suffolk Kitchen
The Suffolk Kitchen, Cotswolds

The ambience is friendly and relaxed here. The place is worth your attention, although it suits to adults more than to children, so it is not a good idea for a family dinner.
Food is excellent! There’s a great selection of meat courses in the menu. Thus it is worth to eat pork belly here – you will lick your fingers after it! Goat cheese is so soft that you will smile while eating it and salt caramel ice-cream on top will make your dinner full enough.
The prices are inexpensive and the service is polite enough, although sometimes the staff is not well organized and some mistakes happen. In average the place is good enough to eat and to relax.
The Suffolk Kitchen, Cotswolds

The Suffolk Kitchen address:  8 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 2AB, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1242 237057

The Suffolk Kitchen opening times: Dinner – Tuesday to Saturday – 18:00  to 22:00
Lunch – Tuesday to Sunday – from 12:00  – 14:30
Brunch – Saturday & Sunday – 9:30 to 11:30

3. Café 53
Café 53, Cotswolds

Different kinds of cuisine are served here. Thus you can taste Italian polenta to Turkish kebab. But whatever you choose – it will always be tasty! Stylish décor, comfortable tables and chairs will make you feel cozy just from the entrance. It is a perfect place to meet friends not because of tasty cuisine and great service. There is some serving area just in the garden, so you can stay here with your friend and admire the picturesque view!

Café 53 Address:   53 Long St, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8AA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1666 502020


Café 53 opening times: Breakfast 8.30 – 11:00 (Sunday 10:00 – 12:00)
Lunch 11.00 – 16.30

4. The Chef’s Dozen
The Chef’s Dozen, Cotswolds

Michael Bedford, the Michelin-starred chef of the restaurant makes great food! Duck yolk, rabbit ravioli, ox-tongue and many other unusual tasty dishes are served here. This place is good for a family dinner or for meeting with an old friend. The ambience is vivid, but not too noisy. The staff is polite enough and there are many additional interesting courses here in summer. The administration of the restaurant boasts with extremely healthy organic ingredients that were bought from local farmers.
The Chef’s Dozen, Cotswolds

The Chef’s Dozen Address: Island House, High Street, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6AL,  United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1386 840598


The Chef’s Dozen opening times: lunch – Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 13:30
dinner – Tuesday to Saturday nights 18.30 – 21.00
The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday.

5. Food Made By Bob
Food Made By Bob, Cotswolds

To say that this food is delicious is to say nothing! If you taste a piece of soft meet and add a spoon of sour cream here, you will feel like a child at your grandmother’s farm!
To prove that the food is always tasty here is very easy – there’s always a queue in front of the entrance. It is served very quickly nevertheless and soon you have an opportunity to taste great dishes or to take them away. The kitchen is opened here, so you can watch chefs just doing their job. Yummy – what else can be said?
Food Made By Bob, Cotswolds

Food Made By Bob Address:  The Cornhall, 26 Market Place, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2NY, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 0 1 2 8 5  6 4 1 8 1 8

Food Made By Bob opening times:
Breakfast served from:
7.30  – 10.00  Monday – Friday,
8.00  – 10.30  Saturday
Lunch served from:
12:00 – 15:00 Monday – Saturday
Afternoon Menu served from:
15.00  – 17:30  Monday – Saturday
Dinner served from:
19.00 – 21.00 Friday evenings

6. Soushi
Soushi, Cotswolds

As it is seen from the name, sushi is served here. It is Japanese restaurant that is opened 7 days per week. Tasty and healthy food can be eaten just in the café or taken away. Sushi menu is various here and this dish is so tasty, that even if you are not the fan of sushi, you should try it!
Sushi is not the only kind of meal that is affordable here, for late dinner you can get some other food like chicken or pork etc.
The place is good for everyday usage and for business meetings as well. Great service, affordable prices – it is worth visiting!
Soushi, Cotswolds

Soushi Address:  12 Castle St, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1QA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1285 641414

Soushi opening times: 
Monday – Thursday
Lunch – 12:00 with last orders in the kitchen 14:30
Evening – 18:00 with last orders in the kitchen 21:30
Friday & Saturday
Lunch – 12:00 with last orders in the kitchen 15:00
Evening –  18:00 with last orders in the kitchen 22:00

7. Quayles
Quayles, Cotswolds

What do you want more, fish pie or Thai chicken curry? The dishes at Quayles look so attractive that you can’t wait to taste them! Always fresh, crispy and very tasty, the dishes are sold for very democratic prices at the same time! If you don’t want to stay in a restaurant, you can take the food away with you – comfortable and neat plastic boxes will give you the opportunity to carry the food for long distance and it will remain hot. The minimal order is £50 here and you can make your order online at the site of the café.
Quayles, Cotswolds

Quayles  Address:  1 Long St, Tetbury GL8 8AA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1666 505151


8. Lumiere
Lumiere, Cotswolds

This restaurant is always a good choice. Here you will not just have dinner, but also get great eating experience. The café is suitable for everyday lunch and dinner, business meeting or arranging special events like birthday parties or wedding parties.
The menu is massive and besides the prices are quite low here. Thus dinner, consisted of three courses can be booked for £28 here. The list of wines is long enough and is constantly being updated. Vegetarian menu is affordable here!
The administration of the restaurant offers to the clients to phone them in advance if you are lack of time and they will make the table ready just to your coming.Lumiere, Cotswolds

Lumiere Address:  Clarence Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire County GL50 3PA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1242 222200


Lumiere opening times:

Clarence Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire County GL50 3PA
+44 1242 222200
Lunch served
Friday & Saturday
12:00 – 13:30
Dinner served
Tuesday – Saturday
19:00 – 21:00
Sundays & Mondays available for Private Hire

9. Cotswold Baguettes

cotswold baguettes

Baguettes – that’s what they sell! No other options in the menu are available. Baguettes have different tastes here – cheese, bacon etc. Always fresh, hot and homemade – they are taken by the clients eagerly. The only problem – you may be confused with the choice, but polite personnel will for sure help you to get out of it and enjoy your meals!

 Cotswold Baguettes Address: 2 Church St, Stow on the Wold, gloustershire GL54 1BB,  United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1451 831362


Cotswold Baguettes opening times: 
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00
Saturday 08:30 – 16:00

10. My Great Grandfather’s
My Great Grandfather’s, Cotswolds

The best seasonal food is served here. Great samples of Japanese cuisine – sushi and sake butter, sea food and baby vegetables are cooked with love for the clients. The chef of the restaurant is proud, that they serve the food of excellent quality, homemade and very fresh – no tins or sour tomato soup is present here!
The atmosphere is friendly, the clients have dinner and listen to the excellent live music as well. If you aren’t full with delicious main course, you may try desert – light and creamy Turkish delight – ice cream with chocolate topping. If you have any questions or hesitate, polite waiter will help you to make the final choice. This restaurant is so cozy and elegant.
My Great Grandfather’s, Cotswolds

My Great Grandfather’s Address:  83-84 Church Street, Tewkesbury GL20 5RX, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 01684 292687

My Great Grandfather’s opening hours: Monday – Saturday  18:00 – 23:00

Cuisine in Cotswolds is not so various as it is in larger cities, but no doubt, it is the freshest and very, very tasty!