places to eat in Dover

Top 10 the Best Restaurants in Dover – It’s Dinner Time!

Best Restaurants in Dover

Here are 10 places to have dinner in Dover!

 It is very hard to be a tourist in Dover. You spend just several days in the town and want to know as many facts from its life as possible. Besides it is necessary to visit all places of interest, to find all the secrets paths and lie in the sun at least for two hours. No wonder that you become extremely hungry, when the dinner time comes. Here are 10 places to have dinner in Dover!

  • Namaste

    Namaste, Dover

Do you want to find a small gem in the countryside? So come to the Indian restaurant in Dover, called “Namaste”. The building looks not so attractive, but you can be really impressed by its beauty, if you come inside.

The wide choice of Indian courses will make you mouthwatering just at the first sight on them in the menu. Massala Mogo, chicken sag and great choice of vegetables can make your dinner both tasty and healthy.

Dishes for veggies are also affordable here. But the restaurant is not the sample of vegetarian cuisine, like most of Indian restaurants appear to be.

Excellent dinner and positive emotions are guaranteed to visitors of this place.
Namaste, Dover

Namaste Address: Deal Rd, Swingate, Dover, Kent CT15 5DP, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1304 204043

Namaste opening times: 

Monday 18:00 – 20:30
Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 14:00
Tuesday – Thursday 18:00 – 21:00
Friday – Saturday 18:00 – 21:30
  • La Scala

    La Scala, Dover

“Wow!” – For sure, you will tell it, when finish your meal. Italian cuisine is always tasty and worth the money you pay for it. This restaurant serves Italian meals of the highest quality, freshly cooked and fast served.

The atmosphere is calm and domestic here. You can choose the table in the corner and stay the whole evening incognito, watching other people in the room.

Great dinner menu and lunchtime menu will make you smile and order a dessert – why not!

La Scala , Dover Best restaurants

La Scala Restaurant Address: 19 High St, Dover, Kent CT16 1DP,  United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1304 208044

La Scala opening times:
Monday – Saturday 18:00  – 22:00 

  • The Mean Bean

    The Mean Bean, Dover

Do you want a cup of coffee with a homemade cake? Come to the Mean Bean and enjoy the best coffee in Dover! Hot, tasty and sweet, it will make you enthusiastic and active, so you will be ready to continue your trip along Dover soon.

It is a great place to stay single or to make a meeting – you can occupy the table inside or outside. In any case the place is quite and cozy, always tidy and clean and staff here is so friendly and polite, that for sure you will be back if visit “The Mean Bean” at least once!

The Mean Bean cafe Address:  80-81 Biggin St, Dover CT16 1BB, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1304 207050

  • Il Rustico

    Il Rustico, Dover

The restaurant is located in a good place and offers standard dishes to eat. Pizza with mushrooms, sandwich with ham and a cup of hot tea – it is very tasty, but too commonplace, probably.

The place is worth visiting for a family routine dinner or for a late lunch with your couple. The venue is beautiful, but you shouldn’t choose it for some special events.

Some words about staff should be mentioned. Waiters are polite, but not so fast. Sometimes they mix the order, so if you interested in the highest grade of service, it is better to avoid it. But if you need just to eat something tasty and pay not a lot – come here!
Il Rustico
Il Rustico Address: 4 Bench St, Dover CT16 1JH, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1304 211110

  • The Port of Call

    The Port of Call

This venue is a big surprise to those, who visit Dover and want to have a glass of red wine or cocktail with some snacks on top.

This café is the best choice. It looks very attractive inside and outside. The great selection of drinks make you relax just at the very beginning. Wide selection of starters and the main courses will make you full and very happy.

The personnel are enthusiastic and ready to assist you in making the right choice. This place is suitable for summer rest in Dover, and it reflects the unique atmosphere of the town.The Port of Call, Dover

The Port of Call  Address18-19 Market Square, Дувр CT16 1NX, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 07459215296

  • White Horse Inn

    White Horse Inn, Dover

Great little pub! In summer it is recommended to choose the table outside – the calm garden area, where it is situated, attracts by its cool beauty. But if you want to feel the heart of Dover, you are welcomed inside. There’s a great hangout of Channel Swimmers in the pub. You can watch eye catching pictures and listen to interesting stories about them. When you will be ready to book, you will be impressed by the wide choice of food in the menu. Steak, great selection of salads and beer of course, will make your dinner tasty. The warm atmosphere of the pub, fast service and good cuisine for a reasonable price – these are the reasons, why “White Horse Inn” is so popular in Dover.

White Horse InnWhite Horse Patio Garden

White Horse Address:  St. James Street | Castle Hill Road, Dover CT16 1QD, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 01304 213066


  • The Beano Café

    The Beano Café

If you are the lover of small old fashioned cafes, this place is especially for you! Extremely warm and noble, elegant and simple at the same time, Biano is that type of restaurant, which should be present in any town or city. Nevertheless, this gem can be found just in Dover. Cod, fish and chips – the menu is not full of original and complicated dishes, but the food here is simple enough and really tasty. The staff is polite and ready to help you. The Beano Café is highly recommended to visit with children or with a spouse – have some special breakfast or dinner and spend a couple of hours in a calm and cozy ambience.

The Beano Café Address9-11 Worthington Street, Dover CT17 9AF, United Kingdom

  • The Cider Works

    The Cider Works, Dover Best restaurants

It looks like a small village house, where your granny used to live. “The Cider Works” is situated in a picturesque place, covered with soft green grass and hidden by tall trees. You will be happy to find this oasis in one of the streets of Dover and spend an evening there, hiding from the street heat and dust.

When you occupy some cozy table inside or outside, you will be impressed by the polite and not intrusive waiter, who will be ready to prompt you the dish to order. Fresh salad, chips and some meat – the dishes are tasty here. You can hardly find some special menu for a great event or business lunch, but this place is ideal for a fast dinner before you will continue your walk around Dover. The food is worth its price!
The Cider Works Dover

The Cider Works  Address:  Sandwich Rd, Waldershare CT15 5AU, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1304 821630


The Cider Works opening times: 
9:00 – 16:00 Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday)
Open Saturday evenings foe drinks from 18:00
serving food from 18:30

  • Friends Café

    Friends Café, Dover Best restaurants

As you see from its name, this place must be visited in a company of closest friends.  The food is tasty – chips, great choice of vegetable salads, lamb casarole and some cold drink on top. The friendly conversation can make the evening pleasant here. The staff is warmly welcomed, the music is light and not so loud – the best place in Dover for a long dinner with old friends.
Friends Café

Friends Café Address:  12 High Street, Dover CT16 1DR, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 01304721796

  • Chaplins

    Chaplins, Dover Best restaurants

Do you want to try a typical English meal for a sunny evening? If “yes”, then you have come to the right place! “Chaplins” is not expensive; it is the best venue for money savers to visit. The selection of dishes is not so wide here, but the food is standard and very tasty, so you will choose the dishes you like without hesitation. The waiter will help you and serve your fresh food as fast as possible – what else can you ask for?

Chaplins, Dover
Chaplins Restaurant Address:  2 Church St, Dover CT16 1LY, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1304 204870

To sum up, cafes in Dover are very domestic and not expensive. For the lovers of extremely elegant and deluxe places, Dover local cafes, pubs and restaurants are not suitable. But for those, who look for a plate of crispy chicken and fresh salad – and a glass of cool beer to make the dinner even more delicious – Dover places to eat open their doors!