Bath things to do in Bath

Top 10 Things to Do in Bath with Children

Top 10 Things to Do in Bath with Children

Bored to death with your work in the office? Then it is a high time to travel and to take your child with you! Where to go? To Bath, certainly.

This town, which is situated 159 km to the west from London (County of Somerset), attracts tourists from different parts of our planet during the last 4 centuries. And here are plenty of fun things to do with children.

Fun Things to Do with Children in Bath. Tips for Mummies

Bath has been a great cultural center since the 18-th century. From that moment the government allocates funds for development of cultural life of the town. If your child is interested in history, for sure, his visit to Bath will be the brightest memory of the year. Here’s the top list of ten interesting and useful things that every mummy must do with her children here.

  1. Visit Roman Bath with your son or daughter. And tell him this story.

Roman Bath and Museum in Bath, UK

Long ago the town was founded by Romans and they noticed the streams of hot water that were beating directly from under the earth. Of course, representatives of these resourceful people couldn’t pass by the miracle of nature. They built great temples and bathing complexes. But when the Romans have left, these complexes gradually fell into decay. Later, in the 18th century, bathes were restored, and being the main archaeological monument, at the same time they started to attract tourists of all ages.

So, if your child wants to learn more about the history of Rome and take a bath like a real emperor of those times, you are welcome to Roman Bath and Museum. This small trip will cost you £14.50 per ticket for yourself and £9 for your child. So, it will be the first place in our top list.

  1. Visit Bath Abbey. The second place belongs to another historical building – a church. Even if you are not a religious person, visiting Bath Abbey Vault Museum is a must-have for you. The Abbey Bath used to be the monastery long ago. Nowadays you can come into this historical and cultural place only if you cope with 212 steps (this staircase looks really impressive). The building of the Abbey is the museum nowadays. It is used for lectures, concerts, meetings and of course, tourists from different countries are the best guests here. In fact 1,500 of people can visit this huge building at the same time.Bath Abbey at nighttime in Bath, UK
  2. Ask your child to take a photo of “Royal Crescent”. If the destiny has brought you to Bath, don’t even take in head to leave, without having made this thing. Try to squeeze in a camera lens “Royal Crescent” entirely. If it works, it is possible to name yourself the guru of the panoramic photo.

Royal Crescent in Bath, UK with children

Royal Crescent is the street, where famous and talented people used to live. Nowadays there are 30 houses that are situated at this street. Real people live here and – who knows, maybe one day some of them will be famous too. It is the third place in our top list for mummies.

  1. If you have got tired from museums and historical buildings, you can simply take a walk with your small daughter or son and try to revive his or her interest to English literature. For sure, it will be remarkable for your kid to leave his trace in the street, where Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, Henry Fielding, Daniel Defoe, Laurence Stern, Jane Austen and other famous writers used to go. Houses in Bath, UK
  2. As for Jane Austen, if you are the mummy of a daughter, make a female weekend for both of you and visit The Jane Austen Centre. The first lady of English literature described the beauty of this town in two her novels: “Northanger Abbey” and “Persuasion”. The heroines of these two stories liked to walk along the streets and take coffee in local pubs. So, visit Jane Austen Centre and take a look at her life inside out. Try on the clothes of those times (dresses and bonnets) and feel like a real English lady of the 19th century.Jane Austen festival in Bath, UK
  3. If you and your sweet child got tired from walking along the streets and visiting numerous museums, from taking Roman Bath and making photos, then make a pause and take some hot tea.

Taking afternoon tea is a popular tradition in England. Try famous “five o’clock” in one of the cafes in Bath. Here you will choose one of kinds of tea and add some sandwiches to it. If you like sweet things, then the tastiest British pastries are to your service. Help yourself!

British five oclock tea with children

  1. If it seems to you, that the list of things to do in Bath with kids is not full, you can go shopping. Plenty of shops for tourists starting from jewelry and ending with clothes and handmade souvenirs are situated in the quite streets of Bath. Find a small gift for your child and he or she will remember this tour forever.
  2. If your child likes handmade things and is ready to try to create something with his hands, invite him to the Makery. There birthday parties for children are held. Does your daughter want to make scrappy blanket for her doll? Then skilled workers of Makery will help her! The child must be from 7 till 14. The minimal amount of guests is 6!The Makery shop in Bath, UK for children
  3. Do you like kids attractions? Even if you don’t, I am sure that your child likes them most of all. Here are plenty of places of interest that you can visit here – indoor or outdoor. Among indoor activities for children in Bath you can find bowling, climbing or swimming in the pool. If your child is the lover of calm leisure and noisy kids attractions are not suitable, invite him to the libraries of Bath, where he will find different books – well known or new for him. Besides you can take a walk in parks and gardens – these outdoor activities will be useful for your child’s health.Visit with children Parade Gardens in Bath, UK
  4. The tenth place in our top list belongs to cinemas and theatres. Make this visit in the evening when both, you and your kid will be tired from loudly streets, calm museums and tasty things from cafes. Spend one silent hour in the Little Theatre Cinema in vintage atmosphere and don’t forget to take marvelous photos.Visit Little Theatre in Bath, UK with kids

As you see, weekend in Bath with children is a good idea. It helps to know a lot of new interesting facts from the history of Great Britain; it gives an opportunity to visit historical buildings and to bathe in a thermal spring.

Visit to Bath will make you healthy and we speak not only about your body. Of course, hot water from a thermal spring and fresh air will be useful to your skin but the weekend at such a marvelous place with your child will do a lot of good to your soul and will help both of you to get closer.