things to do in Exeter

Top 10 things to do in Exeter – Everything from Walking to Shopping!


You can simply pass by this city on your way to the capital of Great Britain, or take a pause and stay here for day or two and do at least several things from our list.

Exeter was built by Romans long ago and still it looks mysterious and noble, full of old churches, cathedrals and picturehouses, which were supplemented by new metallic buildings of modern shopping centers.

What to do in Exeter?

We are different and for someone visiting a Cathedral is boring, at the same time another one will for sure include it to his list of fun things to do in Exeter. So, we tried to make our top ten as full as possible and have put everything in this set, starting from visiting churches and museums and ending with night cinemas and sport centers. Enjoy your vacation in Exeter!

  1. Visit Exeter Cathedral
    Exeter Cathedral

Probably, it is the most remarkable site of Exeter, the heart of it. The building is extremely old – it was founded in the 15th century, the architecture is remarkable and very unusual.

Cathedral is not a museum, it is a religious institution, so if you are a religious person, you can come here not just to admire the building, but also to get some peace in your heart.

But even if you are not interested in Christian faith, looking at the misericords, listening to the extremely soft voice of organ and feel, how fleeting our life is, while watching at the huge astronomical clock, will be a great experience for any tourist!
Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral Address:  1 The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1392 285983

  1. Walk at Exeter Quay
    Exeter Quay

If the day is sunny, you can take a walk to Exeter Quay. Anyone likes to stay on the beach, if the summer is hot, but Exeter Quay is something more than just a place, where you can enjoy the waves or take a swim.

This place has a significant historical meaning. Old warehouses, which can be found along the paths, were turned into small shops, restaurants and pubs, where locals and visitors have a glass of wine, a sandwich or a cup of coffee, buy souvenirs for their friends and relatives and make extremely beautiful photos. Special events and concerts are arranged at the Quay from time to time.
Exeter Quay

  1. Crouch down at Underground Passages

Probably, it is the most interesting among fun things to do in Exeter. You should book ahead, if you want for sure to become the participant of the tour. Underground passages are unique to some extent, because it is the only ancient plumbing in England, which accepts tourists. Long-long ago they were the first pipes that brought water to the city. Now every tourist can go there with a guide and listen to interesting stories – real and legendary – about the city, ghosts, that live in the passages and the people, who used to be popular in Exeter. The last tour is arranged in 30 minutes before closing. So hurry up and crunch down at Underground Passages in Exeter!
Exeter Underground Passages

Underground Passages Address:     2 Paris St, Exeter, Devon EX1 1GA, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1392 665887

Underground Passages opening times:
Monday – Saturday 9:30–17:30
Sunday 10:30 – 16:40

  1. Book one of Redcoat Tours
    Exeter Redcoat Tours

The main idea of every tour is to tell you more about Exeter history in the funny and entertaining way. There are different kinds of roots, so every tour is unique, mysterious and very interesting. Attentive guide will tell you about the history of the city show the remarkable places of interest and tell some ghost stories, of course. Feel free to answer your questions as guides are really knowledgeable and will describe you the history of every venue in details. Each tour is about a half and an hour long, they are fantastic and definitely recommended to the tourists!
Exeter Redcoat Tours

Redcoat Tours Address:  Exeter Visitor Information & Tickets, Dixs Field, Exeter, UK EX1 1JJ,  United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1392 265203

  1. Watch James Bond board games at Bill Douglas Centre
    Exeter Bill Douglas Centre

If you are in doubt, what to do in Exeter – to visit a museum or a cinema, choose Bill Douglas Centre as it is the combination of both. Everything is this center is made of celluloid – and it looks very interesting. Shining lanterns, celluloid Mickey Mouse – you can admire its glance for hours!

Public got access to the museum in 1997 and since then it is a favorite place for cinema lovers. Everything connected with the cinematograph – its history, pictures of popular actors and film directors and old movies of course – can be found here.

Have a look at Charley Chaplin, watch James Bond board games and simply have fun at Bill Douglas Centre!

Bill Douglas Centre Address:  Prince of Wales Rd, Exeter EX4 4SB, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1392 265203

Bill Douglas Centre opening times: 10:00 – 17:00 7 days a week

  1. Step to Old Firehouse and feel like at home
    Old Firehouse

Do you want to live at Old Firehouse? Then prepare more than $1 million dollars – it is its price, defined by its owner. But if you are lack of money, simply visit this hot place, which was built in 1900 and worked as a firehouse.

In 2002 it was restored and now it looks extremely attractive – the premise inside is huge, the ceilings are high and the kitchen is as wide as possible.

Everyone, who visits Old Firehouse, feels like at home there, but it is a little bit pricy to make it the residence.

Old Firehouse Address:  50 New N Rd, Exeter EX4 4EP, United Kingdom

  1.  Watch a movie at Exeter Picturehouse
    Exeter Picturehouse

One more place, where you can see the movie, very intimate and elegant. It is a good idea to spend the calm evening with the person, whom you date to, and watch mainstream and art-house movies on the big screen!

It can be so interesting for young people to watch the movies of their grandparents’ youth and to learn more about old pictures of the highest quality that made serious impact on the development of cinematograph. If you have a granny or grandpa over 60, buy them a ticket to this picturehouse and they will thank you lots of times!
Exeter Picturehouse
Exeter Picturehouse Address:  51 Bartholomew St W, Exeter EX4 3AJ,  United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 871 902 5730

  1. Study Exeter fashion trends at The Real McCoy
    The Real McCoy

If you are tired from museums, pictures, cinemas and theatres, leave them to your friends and parents and go to “The Real McCoy”. The most fashionable people buy clothes here.

The building is very old here, so you will admire hard huge stairs, which will lead you to the cave of Aladdin, full of clothes of all types and sizes. Jeans, dressing gowns, leather jackets or evening dresses – everything can be found here and you will get a real pleasure, searching for exclusive clothes for a reasonable price!

The Real McCoy Address:  21, McCoys Arcade, Fore St, Exeter, Devon EX4 3AN, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1392 410481

The Real McCoy opening times:  Monday – Saturday 10:00–17:30
Sunday 11:00 – 16:00

  1. Climb the wall at Quay Climbing Centre
    Quay Climbing Centre

It is the time to go in for sports! Do you want to climb a wall? Don’t be afraid, if you have never done it before! Walls are very different – some of them are supposed for professional climbers, the others will be easy to cope with even for your small son!

Wall options are various, so anyone, fitted or not, can relax here, train his legs and arms and simply have a good rest on a rainy day!
Quay Climbing Centre
Quay Climbing Centre Address:  Haven Rd, Exeter EX2 8AX, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1392 426850

Quay Climbing Centre opening times:
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday 12:15 – 20:00

  1. Hire a bike at Saddles & Paddles
    Saddles & Paddles

But if the day is not rainy and it is so pleasant to walk outside, visit “Saddles & Paddlesand hire a bike there! It is a good idea to ride around the city and feel its spirit by yourself, watch its picturesque views and breathe its fresh air.

Not only bikes can be rented from this company in Exeter, but also canoes, boats and kayaks. They are not so expensive – just about £10- 15 per hour. If you don’t know the way, maps are given to any tourist.
Saddles & Paddles
Saddles & Paddles Address:  No 4, Kings Wharf, The Quay, Devon, Exeter EX2 4AP, United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 1392 424241

Saddles & Paddles opening times: Monday – Sunday 9:00–18:00

So, you won’t be bored in Exeter, if you pay a visit here! Every day, any time of the year, cinemas, museums, theatres and night clubs open their doors to locals and visitors to have the greatest weekend or to spend the best vacation!