things to do in Kendal

Top 10 Things to Do in Kendal

Many travelers from various countries come to Kendal in order to spend their vacation in the town. Here’s the list of things that are possible to do in Kendal to make the time here marvelous.

Kendal is a small town in the North West of England. It is situated about 200 miles far from London. The town has a long history and now it is known as a market town and great touristic centre. It is also “the gates” to the Lake District. The population of Kendal is just about 30, 000 people.

  1. Take part in sightseeing trip “Curious about Kendal”
    sightseeing trip “Curious about Kendal”

The fastest way to know Kendal better is to take part in a walk “Curious about Kendal”. There are two walks (about 2 hours each) across the town in order to tell the guests about Kendal and to show the main places of interest.

It is possible to participate in two walks separately or to take all of them in one time. During the walk you will pass the main sites of the town: its two castles, museums, shops in the centre of the city and Abbot Hall Art Gallery.

The trip will be interesting to both, adults and children. If you are hungry, a lot of shops and cafes are on the way during the walk. Public toilets are available too.

Of course, the walk “Curious about Kendal” is better to book, when the weather is good enough as it is taken outdoors.

  1. Climb a Crazy Club Wall at Lakeland Climbing Centre
    Lakeland Climbing Centre Kendal

It is especially important to be well fitted during your vacation. Most of tourists gain extra weight during their travelling as they can’t visit gym and eat junk food (that is usually so tasty). That’s why visiting Lakeland Climbing Centre is the best idea for lonely travelers, romantic couples or families with children.

There are various climbing walls here. They are supposed for climbers with different levels of training. There are five levels in general. Don’t hesitate to come here if you are the beginner and if your level of fitness leaves much to be desired.

If you have children with you, offer them to climb a Crazy Club Wall – no doubt, they will like it!

Address: Lake District Business Park, Mint Bridge Rd, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1539 721766

Opening Times: Sunday – Saturday

10.00 – 22.00

  1. Visit some shops in Kendal town centre
    town centre shops Kendal

Shopping is not just a necessity; it is also a kind of therapy. Of course, your friends and relatives are waiting for presents, that you for sure will bring them, when return home. There are numerous shops in Kendal town centre.

At the main street of the town you will find a lot of various shops – nationally famous, local, independent shops and specialty shops. You can get here everything – starting from food, different kinds of beverages, fashionable clothes, and postcards with views of Kendal and books.

Kendal is a market town, so traditions of shopping are highly developed here. You can try shopping on a rainy day too as most of shops are situated in covered shopping centers.

  1. Spend an evening at Brewery Arts Centre
    Brewery Arts Centre Kendal

It is one of the most interesting among Kendal attractions. Brewery Arts Centre was opened in 1972. Earlier the brewery plant existed on the same place. Now Brewery Arts Centre is the place, where anyone can spend a great evening, in spite of the age. Here it is possible to watch new movies (as there’s the cinema on the territory of the centre), it is possible to visit various performances and concerts.

If you get hungry, there’s a great bar area (it was opened in 2012). You can have a drink there too.

If you visit Brewery Arts Centre in summer, you will be able to spent some time in the garden area and admire picturesque views of Kendal.

Address: 122a Highgate, Kendal, England

Telephone: +44 (0)1539 725133

Opening Times:

It is opened daily from 10 till 20.30. The time of every event should be defined separately.

  1. Try Kendal Mint Cake
    Mint Cake

While visiting Kendal, trying Kendal Mint cake is a must have for you. The sweet thing is produced all over England, but Kendal is its motherland. The recipe of this special cake was invented by Joseph Wiper. After the death of Joseph, his son inherited the recipe and sold it to manufactures. After that Kendal Mint Cake was produced in the town and was sent by train to various parts of the country.

The cake consists of sugar, glucose and mint and sometimes it can be covered with chocolate. It is liked by mountain climbers for the high energy content. Now Kendal Mint Cake is one of the sites of the town.

  1. Drink a glass of Pinot Noir at Burgundy’s Wine Bar
    The Brewhouse, Kendal

If after a long day in Kendal, you are in mood to have a glass of something alcoholic and very tasty, visiting Burgundy’s Wine Bar is highly recommended. You will like the atmosphere in this bar. It is cozy here. The walls made of red bricks, various pictures and huge comfortable chairs look so inviting that it is impossible to pass by and not to pop in.

The choice of chic wine is extremely wide here. If you are hesitating what to choose, try a glass of Pino Noir. For those, who don’t like wine and prefer beer, brewery house is joined to Burgundy’s Wine Bar as well.

Address: 19 Lowther St, Kendal, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1539 733803

Opening Times:


18.00 – midnight

  1. Spend great weekend at Kendal Castle
    Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle is one of the most popular venues in the town. The locals are proud of it. The castle was built in the 12th century by a family of barons. They used to live there for a long time. Then the castle was ruined and restored several times. Now the tourists can see just the ruins of the castle. But they like to visit Kendal Castle. It is possible to spend great weekend there. First of all you can climb the slopes of the hills and watch the great views of Kendal. You can make unusual interesting photos, learn new tips from history of Kendal and play outdoor games with your friends and children.

There’s another castle you can visit in the town – Sizergh Castle

  1. Go to Kendal Museum
    Kendal Museum

The museum is one of the most ancient in North West of England. It was founded in the 18th century. Now various historical, archeological and geological collections are exhibited here.

The museum is not big and very cozy. It is a step back to the past years as no huge screens or electronics you can see here.

The collection of stuffed animals is surely worth watching!

  1. Spend an hour in Museum of Lakeland Life
    Museum of Lakeland Life, Kendal

It is the other museum in Kendal. The museum is devoted to the life of ordinary people, who used to live in Lakeland district. Here you will learn, how typical Victorian farm used to look, what food locals used to eat and where they used to work.

The museum will be especially interesting to the families with children or to those, who like domestic history.
Museum of Lakeland Life, Kendal1

  1. Take cooking classes

Each person in the world like cooking and many of us dream to learn how to cook. Visit LucyCooks Cookery School and take some cooking classes.

There are various courses available here – gluten free bakery course, French bakery course etc. You will learn how to make cakes, scones or cookies under the guidance of experienced cooks and will take them home for lunch after it!

During your visit to Kendal you can enjoy top 10 things mentioned above and invent many other entertainments by yourself as well because you can never be bored staying in Kendal!
cooking classes