things to do in Launceston

Top 10 Things to Do in Launceston

Top 10 Things to Do in Launceston

It is very pleasant to spend vacation at the seaside or in some busy town and feel its vibrancies and energy. But if you are from megalopolis and you got tired from noise and fuss and you dream to spend your vacation in a calm tiny town, you are welcomed to Launceston.

Sometimes tourists are afraid of small towns as they think, they will be bored there. Nothing of that kind! You can do at least 10 different interesting things if you appear in Launceston.

  1. Take a walk along the town
    Launceston town centre

Launceston is a town situated on the South West of England. Its population is about 11, 000 people. Although the town is very small, it has lots of Launceston attractions that are worth watching.

First of all go down the narrow small streets of the town and take some rest from big city rush. The town has a long and noble history, and for sure, you will discover its secrets after your walk around the town.

At the main street of Launceston you will see numerous local shops, where you can find some cute and inexpensive souvenirs.

What to see in Launceston? The town is proud of ancient St Mary Magdalene Church, of its museums and a castle. After a walk around the town you will know it better and will get an opportunity to make your own opinion about Launceston.

  1. Take a ride at Launceston Steam Railway
    Launceston Steam Railway

Launceston Steam Railway is one of the main sites in the town. It is a small railway, where you can pay once for the entrance ticket and then ride the whole day. It will take you from the historic Launceston to the Kensey Valley.

Riding the small train is very interesting and it is the best day out for everyone. If you have kids with you – they will be glad to visit Launceston Steam Railway as well.

When you get tired from riding, you can visit the museum, where different parts of old vehicles and machinery are situated. You can have coffee in a small coffee shop and take a pack of it with you too as it is the tastiest in the town.

  1. Buy food and souvenirs at local shops
    Launceston souvenirs

There are many local shops situated in the centre of the town and in numerous small narrow streets.

If you are a gourmet, try local cheese or yoghurt – for sure it is the healthiest food you have ever tried. If you are the lover of exclusive clothes, you can find some interesting and inexpensive things in the small shops.

If you can’t return home without postcards for all your friends and relatives, then visit the local book shop and choose the one of numerous postcards with the views of Launceston.

Launceston souvenirs

  1. Spend the day at The Hidden Valley Discovery Park
    Hidden Valley Discovery Park, Launceston

Intrigue, puzzles and clues – the Hidden Valley Discovery Park has them all. It is the best day out with kinds, friends and family. The park is not so easy to find, so make sure to get satnav with you. It is recommended to start with the Indiana Trail as it is the easiest. The smallest children will like to participate. Then continue with the Sherlock Holmes trail and then finish with the most difficult Moriaty’s Missions. If your child has the energy for this after a long active day, let him to ride a tiny train that goes around the park.
Hidden Valley Discovery Park, Launceston1

  1. Study art and history of Launceston at Lawrence House Museum
    Lawrence House Museum, Launceston

Lawrence House Museum is one of the most famous sites of the town. Here you can study the smallest details of Launceston history, watch the things from old household and study the way of life of people, who used to live in town long ago. The museum is huge, it is situated on three various floors. There are a lot of exhibitions held there. The exhibitions are situated in separate rooms. The knowledgeable staff will help you with their support and explanations.

  1. Find some peace at St Mary Magdalene Church
    St Mary Magdalene Church

This venue is the place, where you can feel yourself a part of history. It is the best venue for reflection and thinking about spiritual values.

St Mary Magdalene Church was built by masons from Brittany. They were extremely talented in working with granite and stones. The church looks marvelous with tiny figures of animals, which decorate the building from the outside, with interesting carvings, which are made of wood and glass.

The interior of the church looks great as well, although it has been changed numerous times and can’t be called the piece of history.

  1. Get some inspiration at Launceston Castle
    Launceston Castle

Launceston Castle is one of the main buildings in the town. In the 13th century it was strategically important building, made by Richard, Earl of Cornwall. Now the visitors can admire just the ruins of the castle. But still it is very interesting to explore it, to admire picturesque views of Launceston, to make some new photos and play outdoor games with children.

  1. Spend the great day out with children at Trethorne Leisure Centre
    Trethorne Leisure Centre, Launceston

This venue will be interesting to families with children and to anyone, who loves animals. The leisure centre is worth visiting at any season and in spite of the weather forecast as there are indoor and outdoor activities arranged in the centre. It is possible to pat the animals, feed them and play with them.

If it is warm enough, you can play games in the open air and even to play bowling – they have equipment for it.

After a long walk, when you get tired, make a stop in a coffee shop and have some hot drink.

  1. Order a day tour around Launceston
    around Launceston

There are various tours around Launceston, arranged for tourists. It will give you the general impression about the town, the guide will answer your questions and you will enjoy great atmosphere of Launceston.

The tours are different – some of them are shorter, the others are longer. Some of them are done just around Launceston, the others are held in its suburbs too. So you can choose anyone you like!

  1. Eat out at the best local restaurant
    Josef Chromy Restaurant

There are several cozy pubs and luxurious restaurants around Launceston. Eating out is that very experience you need after which you can tell, “Yes! Finally, I know Launceston!”

So, here are 10 simplest things that every tourist should try if he appears in Launceston. Of course, the choice of entertainments much depends on the person. It is up to you to decide, what you want – to walk around the town, to do some sports in the fresh air or simply to spend a quiet evening in the restaurant. So make up your own list and make your vacation unforgettable!