Ukrainian Carpathians – Discover for yourself and open your horizons!


Visit Ukrainian Carpathians, the jewel of Ukraine, the heart of Ukrainian culture and dive deeply into completely new world, full of colors, fresh air, exclusive atmosphere and friendly hospitality.

Because of its perfect climate, unique landscapes, this place attracts tourists and foreigners. The most popular regions for holiday in Carpathians are: Sinevir, Dragobrat, Yaremche, Savsko, Bukovel. Carpathians are great for both seasons: winter and summer, as there are lots of things to do such as: hiking, snowboarding, skiing, swimming in crystal rivers and rafting.

Mountain lovers will fall in love with this place from the first sight when take a look at all the hills, meadows, rivers, crystal streams, rich fauna and flora, mountains covered in forests, rare flowers and waterfalls. Hoverla Mountain – well known for being the highest peak and point of Ukraine. 17 km and about one day long hike is not very hard for travelers, almost everyone can go up to the highest peak and discover breathtaking view from the top of Hoverla.

Carpathians are famous for its mineral water, you can try it in Truskawiec sanatorium. Lots of people go there because of health problems, especially for treatment. Bruise, Svalyava and Polyana are one of the most popular places for improving your health, good quality sanatoriums are located there. Worth to mention here Carpathians waterfalls, they have their own power and charm. Because the rivers are coming out of the depth of the mountains, the waterfalls are loud and rapid. For travelers who like green tourism – swimming in a crystal clean mountain river is worth living experience.

If you are found of skiing, Bukovel Ski resort is the greatest place. This place is famous for being hidden from the wind and harsh climate because of Carpathian Mountains around. But what makes it even more attractive is local restaurants, brilliant sound of local musicians, Russian and Finnish sauna. All in all makes you dive into local atmosphere. There are also a couple of more ski resorts, such as Slavske and Dragobrat. Ski season is open starting from December till March.

Vorokhta is magnificent Carpathian village, which can impress with ancient culture, local cuisine, historical Austrian Bridge. The bridge is built of stone and looks like something mythic.

Last but not least important feature of Carpathians’ is unique Carpathians’ cuisine. There are three particular characteristics that can be applied to Carpathian cuisine: yummy, healthy, organic. The most popular products that are used are corn flour and beans, mushrooms, potatoes, and of course very famous brynza. You would definitely want to visit Hutsul restaurants as they reflect uniqueness and deliciousness of Carpathians’ cuisine. The meal is very simple and original at the same time. The dishes should be tried at least out of curiosity.

There are no such words to describe Carpathians beauty, the best way is to go there, feel the magic yourself and enjoy the life.