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White Cliffs Walking Festival in Dover

White Cliffs Walking Festival, Dover

White Cliffs Walking Festival takes place in Dover every late summer. It is organized by White Cliffs Rambler group every August and thousands of tourists come here annually to take part in this event.

The popularity of this festival is explained by the interesting and unusual program of the event. The visitors can admire picturesque views of Dover – huge magnificent cliffs, rolling hills and sea of course! So wide and cold, it shines and smells clearly! The smell of the sea and the sounds of the sea always beckon someone who knew them, and who left them. So come back to the sea and take part in different kinds of walks of this festival.

The festival is held from the 27th of August till the 2nd of September this year. On the first day of the festival at 10 o’clock the opening ceremony takes place. Thousands of people are welcomed to Deal Pier with dogs to make the initial circle tour and start the week, full of adventures, new meetings and interesting discoveries.

In general 49 walks are organized by the team of the festival and its volunteers. Some walks are free and the others are paid, the wages are so low, that you can easily make this payment and enjoy the interesting walk with interesting people from different English towns.
White Cliffs Walking Festival, Dover

The Main Idea of the Event

Every festival has its main idea, and White Cliffs Walking Festival is not the exclusion. This festival is organized by its team and many other local enthusiasts to let visitors from other countries know Dover. This small English town has a magnificent historical meaning and the inhabitants of Dover think, it is very important for many people from other towns and cities to visit it and to feel its unique fresh atmosphere.

Walks are very different but all of them are divided into two groups. The first one is supposed for those, who are in good shape and like to walk for long distances. The others are for lovers of history, who don’t need physical exercise, but want to learn some facts from the history of the town and feel its ambience as well.
White Cliffs Walking Festival, Dover

Sporting Types of Walks

Some walks are really long. They are more than 8 miles to go. So, put your boots on and start your trip!

  1. Panoramic Walk

This walk starts from South Street. The strangers take a bus and go to Ash. There they walk about 12 miles – so good for the lovers of active leisure! Of course, it will be interesting for anyone to walk around countryside, to watch green leaves on the trees, which will be yellow and red soon. Summer goes away for the next 9 months – it will be so pleasant to catch the last rays of sun.

Later the walkers will go to Eastry for lunch or get packed lunch and eat it while walking.

The walk is free of charge. If you have a dog – get it with you, it will be an interesting experience for both of you!
White Cliffs Walking Festival, Dover

  1. Up on the Downs

This walk is about 8 miles long. The participants meet at 11 o’clock on Thursday, the 27th of August. The place of meeting is Samphire Hoe car park. The walk is held not for free – it costs £2. The leader of the walk, who will help you to gather and start and who will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the city is Richard Haynes.

The participants of the walk will enjoy the urban fringe of the town. They will watch the chalk grasslands restoration. Beautiful landscapes, low paths and extremely fresh air – anyone, who likes to spend some free hours in the countryside, will be content.

Beautiful photos and new acquaintances are guaranteed to the strangers, who participate in this trip.
White Cliffs Walking Festival, Dover

  1. Battle of Britain Walk

One more walk that can easily be compared with workout outside is Battle of Britain Walk. It is quite long – 12 miles in general, so if you feel, that you are ready to overcome such a long distance, you are welcome!

The guide for this walk is Richard Blackford. Hundreds of people will gather and go under his patronage Alkham Valley. The walk will be interesting and long and those, who will get tired from going on foot and talking and exchanging of jokes, will stop for a while and have lunch at Cat and Custard Pot. This pub was visited earlier by pilots, who took place in the battle of Britain.

This walk is rather challenging, as the road passes through the hills. So it is recommended for strong healthy people, who are fond of different kinds of sport activities.

But even if you feel, that long hard walks around hills are too much for you, you can go for a short walk, that is not so sporty, but very informative as well.

Historical Types of Walks
White Cliffs Walking Festival, Dover

The main idea of this type of walk is to learn new interesting facts from the history of the town. The routes are much shorter here; nevertheless the pleasure that is possible to get from this walk is enormous!

  1. Reptile Rambler

Both children and adults are welcomed for this walk. The strangers meet at Samphire Hoe and take a small stroll across the places, where reptiles live. The participants of the walk will discuss the lifestyle of reptile and their habits. If you will be lucky enough, you will see some animals and even take photo of them!

The walk costs £2 and it is worth that money! It is quite short – about 1 mile, so even the smallest participants of the walk will enjoy it!

  1. Walmer’s Colorful History

It is very short – just 1, 5 miles approximately. The participants of walk will go to Walmer’s Castle. There the people will not just admire the view of the castle and take bright pictures on its background, but also will learn the story of its owner – Duke of Wellington. The walk is interesting and not hard even for children, so come here and enjoy the stroll!
Walmer Castle


The kinds of walks, mentioned above and many other strolls, which were not mentioned in this article, can be booked online at the official site of the festival. Very often the number of participants is limited, so if you come from another part of England, it is advised to book in advance. Thus you can be sure, that you will take part in the walk.

Most of walks are for free, but if you are ready to make a donation for Dover – this act is welcomed!

The price of every walk is not high – just about £2, so anyone, who is interested in walks around the town and want to find new friends, are recommended to take part in White Cliffs Walking Festival!