Why to choose teak furniture for a restaurant?


Teak wood belongs to a class of precious woods. It has a rich palette of colours. Its smell is light, subtle, and resembles the smell of old leather.

The main benefits of the teak furniture.

The smell only adds more charm to teak furniture. This kind of eco-friendly furniture will fill the space with warmth and comfort. Teak looks very interesting if it’s combined with other materials. Different colours of bars that are used in the furniture manufacture can create mosaic in patchwork technique.

The combination of teak wood and metal pipes also looks very impressive. Do not worry about the water resistance of teak furniture: for its strength and resistance to aggressive environmental influences teak is sometimes called the “wooden gold”, as the wood contains oily substances that prevent the processes of decay.

This furniture can not only be exploited for years, but it can also create a cozy and soft atmosphere, conducive to rest and relaxation.

The advantage of teak furniture is that the material has a brown-golden colour, solid structure, the furniture is not exposed to moisture and time, and are not afraid of insects. Teak is resistant to sunlight due to saturation oils.

Small parasites are not dangerous for teak furniture due to its structure, so you will have no trouble with its treatment.


Teak wood does not rot, which is a great feature for patio furniture.

Furniture can serve for about 70 years.

After the purchase, if necessary, you can change the shade of a tree, as well as maintain the natural color of the material in the processing of special tools. Without further processing teak tends to change color, but it doesn’t change its exploitation characteristics.

Teak wood is strong enough even without additional processing protective equipment or specific materials. Furthermore, this furniture differs with large texture, density and hardness.

As you see, the teak furniture has rather weighty advantages. The branch of recreation has rather strict demands to the furniture. All the mentioned above supports the idea teak kind of furniture is ideal for restaurants and cafes. Even for those saloons that have a kind of terrace the teak furniture is really suitable as it has a high resistance level to weather and exploitation.


Another kind of furniture that can be used in restaurant design.

Today, a very popular is a practice of drawing up the restaurant interior of wicker furniture, and it is made of artificial rattan. This furniture can be characterized by such basic facets:

  • Ergonomics
  • Exclusivity
  • Convenience

Due to some unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors, people can’t rely on the furniture made of artificial materials. In this case, there is nothing to fear: for the production of techno-rattan is uses only the highest quality raw materials that are non-toxic. Thus, the product is absolutely harmless and hypoallergenic.

The practice of furnishing the restaurant with rattan tables and armchairs is quite common. It’s not only because its look. The rattan furniture creates a cozy, friendly and unconstrained atmosphere.