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Wild Life Festival Brighton – The Best Debut of the Summer

Wild Life Festival Brighton1

In summer Brighton there’s everything for happiness – a sunny beach, luxury restaurants and mysterious museums. Since 2015 it is also a place where your favorite music is played! 6-7 June 2015, an inaugural Wild Life Festival took place.

In summer Brighton there’s everything for happiness – a sunny beach, luxury restaurants and mysterious museums. Since 2015 it is also a place where your favorite music is played!6-7 June 2015, an inaugural Wild Life Festival took place. How it was held, who came there, what was successful and what was omitted– let’s try to find out!

The Main Idea of the Festival

The founders of the festival are popular music bands – Disclosure and Rudimental. The idea to create music festival in Brighton at first occurred in the mind of two brothers – Guy and Howard Lawrence – who perform electronic music.

Young and ambitious brothers played their DJ show in zoos and parks last year and the name of that show was “Wild Life” When they came back home, they decided to start a new festival in Brighton, that will be loud and wild. Thus, a small “wild” party was turned to a great musical event.

Two brothers realized this idea with the help of their partners and friends from the other band – Rudimental.

No wonder that as the venue for the festival airport was chosen – it’s not just a place of departure and put-down of the planes, it is also an important site in Brighton, known for its historical value. This musical festival is probably, the best in Brighton, the feeling of delight appeared in the heart of every listener.

It became clear that the new festival would be extremely successful, when all concert tickets had been sold long before June. These two sunny days, filled with great music, under the summer sky of Brighton, left in the hearts of the audience so many positive feelings! It will be enough to remember during the whole year.

By the way, 70,000 people visited the festival, so the venue was overcrowded, but it was fun there. It was a great weekend! Young people got an opportunity not only to hear – and sing – their favorite songs, to dance and to make a lot of vivid pictures, but also to find new friends!

Of course, the festival was a success not only due to its founders – Disclosure and Rudimental, but as well as due to the other participants of the event, who were invited by brothers Lawrence.
Disclosure, Rudimental-Wild Life Festival


New songs and special guests made the festival marvelous. Jamie XX, Wu-Tang Clan, JME & Skepta, Jimmy Napes and of course, the founders of the festival – Disclosure – played their tricks on the stage.

Jamie XX pleased his fans with the songs from his new album “In Color”. He played in the Big Top. The stage with a giant disco ball, colored in purple tints, was full of emotions, when he started his tunes. The mixture of northern soul and minimalist techno was a good proposal to listeners – they got mad of the action!

Wu-Tang Clan started with their hit ‘Bring Tha Ruckus’. They played 5 songs and even asked the technicians to make the sound as loud as possible to please the audience. The action was finished with the hit “Gravel Pit”.

JME & Skepta got the best response from the crowd. They song several tracks and finished the performance with “Shutdown”. Surely, it was a great action, performed on the main stage.

Jimmy Napes was lucky enough to present his first live show on the main stage at Wild Life Festival. His debut was so promising, that for sure, his live show is the first but not the last.

As for the main stars of the show – Disclosure – they presented six new songs, “Bang That” and “Holding On” with Gregory Porter and four more with other participants of the festival.

So, the first Wild Life Festival in Brighton was interesting to music lovers and even to those, who are not the fans of music, but like dancing and loud sound. Although this event was accepted with great enthusiasm, there were some problems, which were met by the founders of the event, its special guests and the audience.

Wild Life Festival Brighton'15Wild Life Festival Brighton'15

Problems of the Festival

The audience liked the festival, but there are several drawbacks, which were mentioned by most of people, who attended it.

  1. The price of tickets was high enough(weekend £99, day £55), and most of the listeners think, it could be lower. The ratio of price and quality of performance is not ideal. 
  2. Problems with buses made people mad. The first day of the festival was marked by long queues at the bus stop. People had to wait during 2 hours or more to get to the venue. Next day the problem was solved – probably, most of people chose to walk to the site.
  3. Many listeners told that they were surprised by the appearance of new performers, who simply can’t stay in one line with other legendary participants of the festival. “Wild Life wasn’t as wild as we expected” mention people in their reviews.

Although some discomfiture was noticeable, in general people liked this event. They got plenty of positive emotions, watched their favorite performers on the stage and even had an opportunity to sing and to dance – such a great relax for everyone. These two June days passed so fast and the audience begged the singers to come back next year.

Will Wild Life Festival become a good tradition in Brighton? Probably, yes.
Wild Life Festival Brighton

Will the Festival Be Repeated?

Two brothers from Disclosure, guys from Rudimental and SJM director Rob Ballantine have discussed the possibility to be back in 2016. The festival was a success, but still a lot of problems had happened. The organizers of the festival don’t know, if it is worth to be continued or not. The sound was too loud, the busses were overcrowded and some complaints of the audience made the organizers to “take it slowly” and get all the opinions before they will make the final decision. Although the guests of the festival were eager to come here next year, the founders of the festival want to hear the opinions of local residents, as all this noise and crowd could make them uncomfortable.

But the lovers of music hope, that in spite of all the problems, this great musical event will be repeated in 2016. Well known and new musicians, great sound and impressive decorations of the stage were accepted eagerly by the audience. The love of fans is the most important argument that shows it was a good idea to arrange this festival!

To sum up, in June, 2015 the new musical festival was held in Brighton. It was a great success with a public, and in spite of some traffic problems, the event is going to be continued next year. Let’s wait!